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Uzi Top Cover

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Quick Overview

The Uzi is an open bolt, blowback-operated submachine gun named for its designer, Uziel Gal – perhaps you have heard of it. It is also an icon and one of the most ingenious firearms of all-time.

Originally designed in the late 1940s, the Uzi was officially adopted in 1951 and introduced to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in 1954. That ingenious design I mentioned a moment ago housed the magazine in the pistol grip, which was made possible by the inventive telescoping bolt. These features allowed for a much shorter firearm and make it perfect for use as a personal defense weapon. Well, that and its 600 rounds per minute rate of fire.

Anyway, the aforementioned design features are not the only ingenious components of the Uzi. There is also the Uzi top cover, which not only houses the charging handle but also keeps dust, dirt and debris away from the bolt and other moving parts. It is a component necessary to the proper function of the Uzi, and if you happen to be searching for one then you are in luck. now has a wealth of ratcheting Uzi top covers. These original Israel Military Industries top covers are now available for just $5.97 – the cheapest you are likely to find.

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Spare parts are an important consideration when it comes to firearms. Like any machine, firearms rely on a series of parts to function properly. In general, if a part breaks or fails, a repair or replacement becomes necessary immediately. This is especially true of the Uzi top cover, which is essential to the operation of the firearm as it not only provides a barrier between the moving parts and the dust, dirt and debris of the outside world, but also houses the charging handle.

It is also important to consider availability. At this time, is seeking to provide our customers with a wide selection of replacement parts and accessories for the iconic Uzi submachine gun. Several parts and accessories are now readily available on our website at an affordable price, including the Uzi top cover, which, as noted, is important to the overall function of the firearm. If you have any need for spare parts and accessories, now would be a good time to take advantage of this offering, especially when you consider that many of our Uzi parts and accessories are original Israeli Military Industries parts.

As noted, all Uzi top covers offered by are original Israeli Military Industries top covers. These ratcheting top covers were imported from Germany as they were each taken from German MP2s – MP2 being the designation given to the Uzi by the German Bundeswehr, or "unified armed forces" of German. Though they are surplus parts, they remain in excellent condition and are free of any detrimental wear and tear.

The steel Uzi top cover is designed for use with full-auto Uzis as well as Norinco and Vector submachine guns but is also compatible with semi-automatic variants with slight modifications. Each top cover features a knurled charging knob as well as the ratcheted interior rail. Not only that but installing one of these top covers is a great way to get rid of the garish warning statement typical of modern Uzi-style firearms.

Additional Information

Manufacturer No
Brand European Military
Gun Model UZI
Construction Steel
Condition Surplus Used
Manufacture Status Original Item
Returns Accepted Yes - Must Not Be Modified Or Visibly Used
  1. Looked new, worked perfect. review by BlackBetty on 9/17/2015

    I got a little aggressive bending my top cover and broke it, boy was I glad to get this one. Fit was perfect, park was jet black and perfect, frankly better than what came with my carbine when it was new.. Looking to get more, so please get these back in!

  2. Great Quality, Great Price. review by Eric on 3/29/2015

    Bought one of these as a backup for my semi UZI. It was new condition, and matched my UZI's color perfect. Cant ask for much more at this price!

  3. Get one. review by Michael on 7/13/2014

    For the price, I got what is essentially a brand new top cover. German surplus, barely used if used at all. I got it to drill for an optic mount -- but I may actually drill my kit top cover since this one is in too good shape.

  4. Great Price on Great Part! review by Steve on 1/31/2014

    Mine were both NOS (New Old Stock) meaning new in the wrap. Worked great on both semi UZI's I own. Just have to remove the ratchet mechanism to work. Great buy!

  5. Excellent condition top cover. review by Rodney on 3/16/2013

    Top cover arrived in a sealed plastic sleeve and was in great condition. At this price there is no reason for you not to get one. It's always a good idea to have spare parts around for your firearms.

  6. Like New! review by Jacob on 12/30/2011

    Very nice condition. Doesn't look like it was used at all.

  7. uzi parts review by dave on 9/14/2011

    got this cause someday id like to get the real thing. quality is great, comes in a flat parkerized black somewhat different than AA uzi finish. good buy though since many other places want a lot more for them.

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