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UZI Magazines

The UZI Magazines are original 32-round UZI Magazines that were produced in Israel by IWI for use by the German Army. Soldiers in the German Army were issued UZI submachine guns, which were designed as the MP-2 while in service with the German Army. These UZI magazines are produced to be fully compatible with any firearm that is designed to use military-spec full sized UZI magazines in 9x19.
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Description / UZI Magazines

The UZI is one of the most iconic and instantly recognizable firearms in the world. From use in combat by the Israeli Defense Force during many wars to appearances in popular movies, the UZI has done it all and even non-gun fans know an UZI when they see one. With this popularity there has been a resurgence in production of UZI firearms for today's enthusiasts who want an UZI but cannot afford a full-auto original.

Once a new UZI has been purchased, you immediately begin to look for accessories for your UZI. There is no more important accessory for an UZI than original Israeli produced 32-round magazines. UZI Magazines are designed to fit, feed, and function in any firearm that is patterned after the original Israeli UZI or was designed to use magazines from the UZI. This includes various Colt 9mm AR15 firearms, semi-automatic UZI pistols and rifles as well as full-auto UZI sub-machine guns that have been owned legally for years. There is no better UZI magazine than this original Israeli UZI 32-round magazine as it has the highest capacity that will fit and feed reliably in any firearm designed to accept UZI magazines.

  • Authentic Israeli UZI Magazines
  • 32-Round Capacity
  • 9x19mm Caliber
  • Produced in Israel for West Germany
  • German Army Surplus

More Information

Manufacturer German Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Great mags
Review by Schwabee1
Work excellent. Alot of finish wear but no rust or pitting.
Excellent Mags - Will Last A Lifetime
Review by Tom
These magazines are excellent. They are clearly military grade magazines, even excluding the markings this is apparent. Steel is solid, spring is robust, and the magazine feels well balanced in your hands when it is loaded or unloaded. Buy them while you can, I just placed another order.
Nice Mags!
Review by Xanvel
Mags arrived in a timely fashion. Great quality, lovely finish. Definitely lived the price. Going to order more, as you can never have too many of these laying around!
Get 'Em While You Can!
Review by Michael
Great mags especially for the price. All mine seem original, although haven't tested them all. Buy them if you need, especially with the political climate.
Indestructible mag
Review by Swen
Ordered 4 Uzi mags for my AR 9mm. Modified them, did a fit check to make sure they locked into the receiver and they fit just just like the ASC mags. Still have to take them to the range for an operational check. Out of the 4 mags I received one was brand new Coated in grease while the others were used/broken in. Very happy with the product and the service.
Great condition
Review by Matt
I've bought several of these and the finish is about 90%. Firm springs fed well through a true F/A Uzi.

Definitely a great purchase, especially in this political climate.
Some good mags / a few bad ones
Review by Frank
Ordered 12 mags this time, 8 were in good condition, 4 were in fair to poor condition. They must be getting to the bottom of the box because all the magazines I've ordered before have been nice

Great mags!
Review by Pecanman
Can't beat the price, value, and shipping cost. They are the real thing! Keep Shooting does just that... Keeps us Shooting!!!
Excellent mags
Review by Michael B
All mags were in excellent condition. No dents or rust. Most of finish was still on them. Some looked like they were never used.
Very good condition and priced right
Review by John
These are the same magazines that Century Arms has been shipping with their UC9 Uzi carbines. They are used, surplus magazines in very good condition and function great. Hard to beat these prices too!
Great mags for a great price
Review by yarro
I bought 20 of these to convert for use in my Colt 9mm SMG. 11 had never been loaded or in a gun. 5 had been loaded and/or inserted in a gun once or twice. 4 had seen more insertions. None had dents or damage. All were grungy and a couple had some slight freckling on them. The condition is much better than the Israeli mags that I have picked up and the finish is smoother. All and all a great buy that was shipped fast and packed well.
Great quality & value.
Review by Dark Earth
Great quality that matches what's being shipped now with the UC-9. As stated by other reviewers, the finish also matches that product and modern Parkerizing. Construction, finish, and overall quality exceed what I've seen from others, especially the lack a metal spline tacked to the edge seam, and they're cheaper.
Best Price Anywhere
Review by Rich
I ordered 8 of these and all were in excellent condition. You will not find a better price anywhere else. Get them here while you can.
Great mags
Review by Craig
Great mags at the price, fast shipping too. Although these mags are usable as is, a little TLC and finished in Cerakote, these mags can look and function like new. The Tungsten color Cerakote very closely matches new military parkerizing. My Uzi and I are very happy!
Top self mags at dirt cheap price.
Review by BlackBetty
Beautiful minty mags, I was blown away. Fit and function was spot-on, I am thrilled with my new mags!
Great price and looks new
Review by Michael
This is one of the nicest looking 32 round magazines I have seen at this price point.
Very impressed
Review by Benjamin
Recently purchased a single Uzi mag from Keep Shooting. Like the other reviews, it came wrapped in paper and plastic. It needed a bit of oil, but other than that, ran like a champ. I'll definitely be buying more. I only wish I had bought a bunch back in the 90's when they were dirt cheap.
Great mags
Review by richard
Bought 3 recently all in plastic bags wrapped in paper. Better than the ones that came with the new gun. Worth the money.
Incredible value, awesome condition!
Review by Micah
I bought 80 of these mags recently. Every single one of them was in like new condition, with the majority being new in the wrap. I am supremely satisfied with my purchase. These are German mags but are in better condition than any IMI mag I have ever owned, and have a nice black finish.

If you are looking for Uzi mags I highly recommend these mags, from this vendor. Shipping was fast and customer service is quick to respond to any questions or issues.

Thanks again Keep Shooting!
Good Deal
Review by Mark
Ordered 10 and all were new in wrap. Will be ordering more soon.
Good deal
Review by William
If your in the market for cheap uzi mags this is your last stop.... I needed a couple for an AR build . Brand new in the wrap ........ Enough said .....
Great MAGS !!!
Review by Ted
Can't beat IMI uzi mags at Keeping Shooting prices!!
Beat UZI Mags out there !!!
Review by tiberian
Wow . I ordered 2 mags from Keep Shooting and I ordered 4 mags from 2 other internet companies just to test to see who has the best . Well I have to say Keep Shooting has by far the best , I do mean by far the BEST mags . I wish I could send the others back . But I think I'll just keep the lower quality mags to show people where not to go . THANKS AGAIN KEEP SHOOTING You Folks Rock !!!!
mag was brand new
Review by Bobbie
Mag was brand new wrapped in paper inside of plastic.
Best Uzi Mags I have
Review by RemMax
I have plenty of mags to feed my 9mm Uzi and off all the mags I've ordered these are the best priced and are brand new
The last 5 I got were all brand new in the wrapper so I will definitely be ordering more of these.

Cool surplus
Review by Ry
Some came in just plastic some came wrapped in paper in plastic. Neat little surplus mags.
Excellent again
Review by Geo
Just picked up another 3 of these. All still brand new wrapped up in what looks to be 1987 and opened probably for the first time by me. Excellent function just needed a quick cleaning from storage. Trying to build up my stash of quality uzi mags and you guys are helping out big time! Thanks again.
Review by Christapher
The magazine I got was brand new. I will be buying more in the future. Excellent!
Best UZI mags available.
Review by Rodney
Ordered 10 mags. When I received the order 8 out of the 10 were still wrapped in brown paper and sealed in a plastic sleeve. The other 2 were wrapped in plastic and seemed to be slightly used but in great condition. The price of these mags can't be beat. Especially considering the current political climate, and the excellent condition of these mags. Will be ordering more.
2 Uzi Mags
Review by Geo
Got two of them today, both brand new in the wrapper. Will be ordering more these are in great shape and work perfectly. Just tried them out this afternoon. Thanks again.. a great deal.
Review by Steven
Ordered 4 32 rounds magazines, received them very quickly and each was in perfect condition. They honestly looked brand new.
All New in the wrap...
Review by Jeff
I ordered 8 of these and they were all new in the wrapper.... Thanks K.S.
uzi mags
Review by harrell
did a 2nd order all came in like brand new still wrapped in paper and sealed in plastic. couldn't be any happier with service or price or product. BUY THEM WHILE YOU CAN GET THEM...........fred
UZIlicious Magazines Eat them up, Yum, Yum, Yum.
Review by Gregory
Ordered 10 mags, came as 6 New and sealed, 4 lightly used, 1 of the used mags is ceased up but with a little elbow grease should be working in no time at all. Very happy with the quality, will surly by more soon. Great packaging for shipping. Great communication along with UPS tracking. Order as many as you can at this price.
uzi mags 9mm type
Review by harrell
ordered 6 mags 4 looked to be new, other two in very good condition. A great value for the price. Definitely will order more to modify to 10 rounds to fit ar type guns. Highly recommend this product hard to beat service and price these days with what is going on in Washington. Just wish I could buy more!!!!!!
Great looking magazines
Review by Thomas
Took a chance and ordered 7. All look to be in excellent to like new condition. Can't wait to try them out at the range. Will likely order more.
Review by LEE
If you are not picking these mags up you will be pissed later
Review by James H
I have 2 semi auto uzi and these mags never disappoint like the other big companies. Great price quality is awesome I am happy as a pig in the mud. I just wish I could buy in bulk.
Best UZI mags
Review by roy
Received 10 mags. Most looked new and a few were almost new. Then ran perfectly in a bolt UZI. Will order more to modify to run in a 9mm Colt.
Great mags
Review by garrett
I bought 8 and they were in such great shape i bought some more .... 6 were new 2 were lightly used
Great mags.
Review by Thomas
I bought 10 of these back on Nov 2011. I'm very happy with them, no problems at all.
Look new, great condition!
Review by ROBERT
Sealed in plastic with oil and look brand new. 100% reliable and fit perfect.
like new
Review by MACKS
these were like new and in great condition.
they feed perfectly
cheapest ive seen anywhere!
good job once again KeepShooting
great mags for a great price
Review by dave
i got 1 green one and two black ones. quality on both were similar and very good. for the price they can't be beat, and i haven't seen them any cheaper than here at keep shooting!!!
I own at least 100 of these from Keepshooting
Review by Perfect Storm
Since keepshooting started selling these I have bought at least a hundred. They are all German military magazines. Prolly 90 of them were never used, the others just needed to be wiped down with some wd40.

These are the best deal going in true military machine gun magazines. Even if you don't own an Uzi they work in most colt 9mm conversions for the AR with a simple mag catch cut.

Will probably buy more in the future as supplies will eventually run out and a hundred magazines isn't enough when you have as many guns that use these as I do!!!!!!!
Work Very Good
Review by SuperSqueegee
I bought 13 of these mags for a custom 9mm AR15 build. 10 out of 13 of them feed and function 100% with the other 3 being some sort of cheap pot metal that had a very gritty texture. The metal on the 3 that do not work is all glittery looking and extremely rough causing the follower (same type of cheap pot metal) to hang up every time. Overall I am satisfied with these magazines.
Look Brand New
Review by VectorOwner
Bought 12 mags, all looked like they were never used. Fit and feed perfectly from my Vector UZI.

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