.223 / 5.56 Laser Bore Sighter

The 223 Laser Bore Sighter provides a quick and inexpensive method for sighting in your .223 rifle. With the laser bore sighter inserted into the chamber of your rifle you simply align your sights with the red dot. Perfect zero for your rifle without needing to fire a single shot or take a trip to the shooting range.

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  1. Use in Any 5.56 / .223 Firearm
  2. Easy to Use
  3. 5 mW Power - Safe to Use Anywhere
  4. Uses Common LR41 Batteries

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Customer Reviews

cartridge specific precision
Review by Michael
Verified Buyer
I have tried many different universal bore sighters, and they always fail to get you any where near to perfect. These cal specific laser bore sighters are the only way to go! I like the fact that it sits in the chamber the same way that every round does. Not hanging out the end with some irregular polymer bushing setting the whole thing canted. This is the only way guys! Also works well for 5.45x39mm.
Review by Thomas
Verified Buyer
All my ar's and ak74's are sighted in with this awesome little tool.
looks good, feels good
Review by Matthew
Verified Buyer
looks and feels like more expensive ones, didn't use it yet, but happy with it.
You Need One!!
Review by NightStalker
Verified Buyer
The Brightness on the Laser could be brighter. The directions say to sight in at 25M/25Y. I had to struggle seeing the laser until I moved into a shaded area.
But I did find out that the Iron Sights were still OK, but I needed to adjust the Scope.
Just remember to remove the batteries when you are done.

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