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AK47 30rd Magazine - Surplus

The AK47 30-round Magazine is an authentic military surplus magazine for the AK-47. There is no item more associated with the AK-47 than this curved magazine which holds 30-rounds of 7.62x39mm ammunition. 
SKU SOG-0002
Color Black

Description / AK47 30rd Magazine - Surplus

The AK-47 30-round Magazine is the standard military magazine for the AK-47 rifle. With the AK-47 being produced domestically in semi-automatic only form the demand for this military surplus magazine continues to climb. Your AK-47 will only have the look and feel of the military original when you have these iconic curved steel magazines feeding it.

  • Authentic Military Surplus AK-47 Magazine
  • Capacity: 30-Rounds
  • Caliber: 7.62x39
  • European Production
  • Pre-Ban Status

Customer Reviews

Review by Jerry
I've gotten two of these mags so far. Both were super high quality East German. One blued and well-used, one later phosphate finished that appears to be unissued. 100% flawless function, cool collectability.
Brand new in plastic
Review by leslie
Ordered 3 , came brand new in plastic.. Both fit perfectly the third one I have to modify just a tad. 100 % happy with them considering in the non free state of MA they go for 30 dollars a piece.
Horns for your AK
Review by GUN NUT
First off, the Russians call these horns as in, "Hey, throw me another "horn" for my AK." These really can vary from stock piled in a military depot to heavily used that stockpiled again in said military depot. Oh well, they are still great mil-spec mags.
One magazine poor quality
Review by John
I bought 6 of these mags. I knew when purchasing these magazine that they were surplus so i knew that i wasn't going to receive anything factory new. Out of the 6, 5 were decent with no real problems but there was one that was trashed it had dents all over it, a heavy amount of rust on everything besides the spring, it fit very loosely, and the floor plate was bent outward. I am running a milled sam7sf from arsenal. All other mags fit
cant beat surplus
Review by Daniel
eastern bloc ak mags cant beat them.
Well built
Review by Jonathan
I bought three, they are all sturdy and I was relieved that they weren't absolutely drenched in oil, the small amount on the mags was relatively easy to clean off with a bit of degreaser. One of the mags had a bit of rust but it was no problem to get rid of, and it still operates smoothly. Would recommend.
Mixed bag
Review by Aubrey
Ordered 4. Got one ok one, one fair and two that are close to junk. They look like they'd function (one has a spring that's going to be done soon due to rust and a bunch of other rust and dents and the other looks like it was spray painted very poorly) but only one of the three was worth the $17.
Great customer service and Magazines
Review by Nick
I ordered 5 of these magazines and out of the 5 of them 4 were broke when I got them. I called KS and told them about my issues with the magazines and 2 days later I receive an E Mail stating that they will send me 4 new magazines and here it is today 4 days later from the day I received the email and I have the new mags. Great customer service and fast shipping. My new mags look brand new minus a few pitting marks on the outside of the mag, which does not bother me as long as the magazine functions I am HAPPY. Will buy more when I get more money.
Surplus AK47 Mag
Review by Jill
These are genuine surplus magazines. The ones i got so far seem to be unissued and just need to be cleaned up a bit before use. I have had horrible experiences with other "surplus" mags being rusted and dented. Stock up before the next Sandy Hoax.
AK47 Mag
Review by J.
The ones I received were in great shape and function well.
My favorite Ak Mag!
Review by RemMax
I have 60 of these mags. I have stocked up on over the past few years (I have a lot of AK :-) and everyone knows the Ak is only as reliable as the mag that feeds it.
I have these metal Mil-surp mags from Romania, Bulgaria, and Yugo and all of them work without fail.
The Yugo mags are a little different as they have a last round hold open built into them that is kind of nice but only the Yugo's have that feature
Most of mine are Bulgarian but all of them run the same, They fit, feed and function just like a factory mag should, flawlessly!
Anyway you look at it at these prices they are definitely a good investment.
Hey fella can't ever have to many guns or mags for them!
Another good deal from KS!
Bomb Proof!
Review by Jose USMCR
These are the mags you want to own. Super tough and reliable. Add some of these to your chest rig and you have armor that will stop many kinds of rounds. Buy them when they are back in stock. Unlike the plastic mags these wont need fitting.
Don't Hesitate!
Review by John
I bought these when KS was offering "3 packs". I bought 4 "3 packs" for small money. The mags were in excellent condition and all 12 mags have functioned flawlessly. Bookmark this and keep and eye open for when they have more and then BUY!

If you have to buy pre-bans these are the ones to get.
Better get while still can!
Review by Chad
Ordered a couple since my AK only came with a couple when got it. So now got 4 mags I can't complain.
Good Magazines
Review by Joel
I bought these, but after seeing the finish and price of the new versions I am going to sell these off and buy the new ones. However the ones I bought are in perfect shape and just need a little cleaning to get the heavy oil off of them. They fit nicely in my WASR10 with little mag wobble.
Excellent value , price and quality
Review by Swordfish
Keepshooting.com rocks... This is awesome magazine and great quality...keep buying....
OMG Grab These
Review by Richard
When you read terms like "surplus" and "pre-ban" you may get the idea you are going to get some hit and miss mags. This is just not the case. As others have reviewed and from the 10 I received, these all appear to be straight from Uncle Sergei's vault of AK Mags, because every one I got looked straight from the factory, oiled and all. These are amazing. I cant believe I got this good of condition AK mags for this cheap, thank you so much Keep Shooting!
AAA+ Quality for surplus
Review by jeffrey Riddick Tonn
They got two different kinds of mags you can get.. I got two of the AK-47 30rd Magazine - Ribbed Backs... They were Top quality mags. Thick walls. Mags like the Russians made. Wish I could get the non-ribbed mags. I ordered Keepshooting.coms Milled Ak-47 they sell. Looks sweet.. And these mags work PERFECT in it... Riddick.....
Price,Quality, value
Review by Rotard
Fast shipping,well packed,good quality,great value.Cannot be beat.
Can't go wrong
Review by AvidShooter
Great surplus mags even at full price. If you take advantage of the bulk buy, you save even more money on a product that will most likely outlive you. Well worth the investment, you really can't go wrong!
Buy 10!
Review by Brian
These are excellent magazines! Mint condition! They appear to have never been used. They come well packaged in sealed plastic bags marked pre-ban. They feel solid and very durable can't wait to order another set!
Great Mags
Review by Keith
Fit and function flawlessly in my wasr 10/63. Quality mags.If you live in New York or any of the other states in need of new politicians grab them up while you can. Keep shooting is all that and a bag of chips. Will buy more.
2nd Purchase
Review by Chandrakant
This is my 2nd Purchase of these magazines. These are ROCK SOLID A++++ Quality magazines. KEEPSHOOTING.com is the best DEAL on the planet. I purchase 20 magazines and all of them are TOP NOTCH. KEEPSHOOTING.COM ROCKS. I wish they could come up with AR15 Preban Magazines Deals like this one.
Review by Chandrakant
These are solid magazines, and if you buy 10 the price gets even cheaper. At this price its a STEAL.

I had two magazines come without floor plates....

But KeepShooting.com is AWESOME. A++++
They replaced it without a problem.
I am going to place another order, with them.
Awesome authentic hardware
Review by Richard
The summary says it all. I love these I have bought three of these and plan to buy five more and ten of the forty round mags
Order some after you read this.
Review by Beefy
These are well built, perfect condition steel pre ban magazines. Buying these mags is by far the best option for someone who lives in a shitty state (NY for me) and needs the pre ban mags to be legal. These come looking brand new and function flawlessly, at half the price of the beat up 40$ pre ban mags you'll find at gun shows. Im going to order more very soon.
Nicely maintained surplus AK mags.
Review by ROBERT
These have to be the best condition surplus ak mags i've ever seen. Ordered a couple from other sites and seen them at gun shows and these are top notch. They come sealed and oiled for rust free storage. These definitely haven't been used very much if at all.
Review by NOTACAB
Awesome company they ship fast and there magazines are great. Since i live in new york i have to have the preban mags so this is perfect at a great price.
Review by angelo
i bought one of these mags not knowing what to expect. I don't even own a rifle that takes this mag but i wanted it as a collectible and it was well worth it this company is proficient and up to scale with retails. Thanks keepshooting dot com for helping me make my collection a little more complete.
Review by S H
These are some of the nicest looking AK mags I have ever seen. Great finish and feel to the surface. I ran these at the range with no issues. Surplus mags are good, but if you want a magazine that looks and feels like it just came from an assembly line then pick some of these up. The price for the 10 or more is a good deal.
I'll agree
Review by James
These are some damn good mags. I'll need more asap.
Would not Buy any Others
Review by Robert
This is an outstanding price for a great quality mag. I routinely shop gun shows and these are much better than the dirty and junk ones fresh from a messy cardboard box. Every time they go on sale I try and buy more.
Review by Parker
Like others have said -- these are in excellent condition and function very well.
good product
Review by Mark
excellent mag for the $$$$.
Great mags from a great supplier
Review by Matthew
I have bought about 15 of these surplus mags from KeepShooting, and I could not be happier. All of the mags arrived within a few days, and function flawlessly. Not a speck of rust on any of them.
top notch Mags again
Review by jim
Got 6 More of these virtually brand new govt mags, bring on some more sales like that please
Great Mags!
Review by TRENT
These look like they are brand new! Very nice I will be getting more!
These mags look new!!
Review by MidwestAK103
I ordered 5 of these mags. They are the best condition of any surplus mags I have bought so far bar none!! The mags are brand new!!
Excellent mags
Review by Stephen
These mags seemed brand new. There was some cosmoline in them when I took them apart, but no rust and the springs were great. I test loaded and unloaded them several times, and they had no problems. I'm going to order a few more.
Great mags at a great price
Review by Steven
Ordered 3 received them today they look brand new they all feed perfect in my Wasr-10 no slop with these mags. Cant ask for anything more I think when i buy more mags i will try the keepshooting ones just to see how they compare. FYI made several orders with KS.com and they can not be beat i choose UPS ground every time get it in 3 business days once shipped minus Saturday 2 days too process 5 days and it's in my hands. There celebrating there 9th year the way they operate you'd think it was there 90th keep it up i will be back.
Excellent Magazines
Review by Logan
I have a Romanian WASR 10/63 and have put many magazines through it. For the price and durability, these surplus mags can't be beaten. Of the 6 mags I have only one of them had a small amount of surface rust inside the magazine. It wiped off easily and has not gotten any worse. If you need mags, buy these. No reason to spend more money for a new version when these function exactly the same.
Cheap, heavy duty, and reliable
Review by Rob M
I bought three of these about a week ago. They shipped lightly coated with cosmoline. I took them apart and cleaned them up. no feeding issues in the cheapest ak you can get, a wasr-10. only regret in buying these is I should have gotten four to fill up the vest I ordered with them.
Nice, solid preban mags
Review by John in Mass.
I just got 2 of these in the mail today. These AK mags are just what you want -- solid steel, sturdy, rough, and authentic. And very lightly used. Did I mention they're preban?
Quality AK Mag
Review by Ace
I only buy metal AK mags because they are durable, and dependable. Having said that, nothing beats euro surplus mags in durability and price in my opinion. These mags will last you a lifetime.
Really Satisfied
Review by Cory
Ordered the pre-bans for my WASR up here in NY. I got a tracking number for the package and when I experienced difficulty in tracking it, I just called keepshooting's help line and got some great customer service. The mags are in perfect shape. They came in plastic bags and look brand new. They rock into place nicely in my AK and are of sturdy construction. Great first experience with keepshooting, and will definitely use them in the near future.
Amazing Mag
Review by Liberty
What a great mag, gotta love the European AK mags! Very pleased and I will purchase more ASAP!
Look brand new
Review by PtCaptn
Ordered 30 mags. They came sealed in plastic with a light oil applied. Nearly all looked like they were never inserted in a gun. Out of the 30 mags two were ridge back the rest had ribs.

Would buy again in a heartbeat. Compared to the ones I got from AIM these are way better. If I hadn't already got 30 would buy more.

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