AR-15 1/2 Inch Crush Washer - Stainless Steel

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The AR-15 1/2 Inch Crush Washer is a factory new crush washer made from stainless steel. The crush washer is installed onto the end of your AR-15 barrel and is used to give the flash hider of your rifle a secure base to torque down against. This crush washer will prevent any damage to the shoulder of your barrel's threads, ensuring you will be able to install other muzzle devices in the future.

The AR-15 1/2 Crush Washer is an essential component for ensuring your newly assembled AR-15 is perfect. This simple piece of stainless steel slips onto the end of your threaded AR-15 barrel and allows the flash suppressor to be torqued down to the specified level of pressure.

The crush washer acts as a base layer to ensure that during the torquing process, no damage is done to the shoulder of the threaded portion of your AR-15 barrel. This will ensure that the threaded portion is in perfect condition to allow the muzzle device to be changed out.

  • Factory New Crush Washer
  • 1/2 Inch
  • Made from Stainless Steel
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