Belgium Wool Leg Wraps

The Belgium Wool Leg Wraps are a pair of wool leg wraps as originally issued to soldiers in the Belgian Army. These individual leg wraps are over 4 feet long and feature a 30 inch strap to give you the ability to secure each leg wrap. If your legs don't get cold, these wool leg wraps can easily be used on your arms or even your neck. We purchased the entire lot of these and recommend you stock up as there will be no more when these are gone.

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  1. Authentic Belgian Army Surplus
  2. Made from Wool
  3. Like New, Surplus Unissued Condition
  4. Each Wrap Measures 52" Long with a 30" Long Tie Attached
  5. Complete Pair, One Wrap for Each Leg
  6. Made in Belgium

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Customer Reviews

Good value for what it is
Review by jeff
Verified Buyer
These were a on the fly buy but happy I got them. Came brand new and great condition. They ran a little short but after youtube I found out how to wrap them the right way. All about the wrap and flip. Look forward to using them this winter.
Great quality, too short
Review by Matthew
Verified Buyer
I bought two pair, and I like them. Soft, thick, new condition, and they're warm and comfortable. They only come up to your calf and not your knee. If you want a WWII style look elsewhere.

That being said, I'm VERY happy I got them and do use them in the cold. Make a good for arm warmer too, and can be used to cover the gap between glove and sleeve.
Very well made, but confusing to use.
Review by Ryan
Verified Buyer
Perhaps this is my fault, but I have had issues with these staying on. I had wrapped them from my ankles to my knees, then tied it off with the strap at the end, and all seemed well. My legs were warm and comfy, with no itch. However, after moving a round quite a bit, especially sitting/standing and then walking, they would come loose. They never fell off, but would slacken up and start to show gaps under my pants. Perhaps they are meant to be used over your clothing, because my calves are large and it felt like it would just slip against my comparatively smooth skin and then after it got around the calf, it would just drop.

Overall, a well made product for a good price, but you might have issues with them actually staying on you. Maybe I'm the problem.
Great for the cold AND a source of cheap wool!
Review by Seth
Verified Buyer
If you're a DIY person these make a great source of patching wool or scrap wool fro projects. I've seen people use them to line sword scabbards, patch holes in period clothing, sew a few together to make scarves...

Can't go wrong!
Get them while they're here.
Review by Edwin
Verified Buyer
I ordered these to pair up with my surplus footwear and I have to say, they are perfect for keeping your legs protected and your laces secure. Nice and soft, very long to get a good wrap on the legs, a bit stretchy and dark to match with browns and greens. Also, cheap! Go treat yourself!
New and high quality
Review by George
Verified Buyer
They are unused and brand new! Importantly, they are high quality, and rugged. One of the best purchases here. Very functional for their intended purpose.
High quality
Review by Cody
Verified Buyer
Great piece of gear. New condition. High quality construction.
Nice and soft
Review by Kyle
Verified Buyer
I was amazed to see these in brand new condition, no weird mothball smell like most wool products.Really soft! Shorter than wwi style puttees, but look GREAT. Plan to put these to some use!
Good Quality and Comfortable
Review by Jeff
Verified Buyer
These leg wraps are made with good quality wool and were skillfully stitched, they aren't gonna come apart from normal wear and tear. They are warm and comfortable, mine aren't itchy or scratchy.
Review by Jake
Verified Buyer
Fantastic value. Better than the fragile high tech stuff today. I prefer these hardy wool leg wraps over any of the high priced modern stuff.

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