Woodland Camo - A Worldwide Favorite

Woodland Camo - A Brief History

One of the most widely fielded camouflage patterns in the world is what is commonly known as Woodland Camo. For more than 20 years, U.S. Woodland also known as M81 camo was the standard issue camouflage pattern on all US military uniforms. With foreign military assistance, NATO deployments, and active Cold War era exercises this camouflage pattern was seen all around the world in almost every environment. The four color high contrast disruptive pattern has irregular markings that are in green, brown, sand and black with a clear inherited layout from earlier ERDL camo, with the major difference being the printed enlargement of the pattern elements. The biggest advantage gained from the use of U.S. Woodland was enhanced concealment at longer range distances, which made this pattern ideal for anticipated battle fields in Europe.

Woodland Camo - At Home In The Street Or On The Field

The overwhelming dominance of Woodland Camo has been established for nearly 40 years and that wide exposure has created a demand for Woodland Camo gear for both civilian and military applications.  No where has this been more apparent than the fashion industry, where it is now common to see street fashion lines including everything from jackets to pants and even shoes that feature woodland camo designs or influences. Adding a woodland camo jacket to be worn with jeans gives a look that is always in style and with the vintage nature of some of the clothing options adds to the overall look achieved by wearing camo.  Here are some examples of Woodland Camo we carry:


Rothco Woodland Camo M-65 Field Jacket
4.45 (86)
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Tru-Spec Woodland Camo BDU Field Shirt
4.55 (111)
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Tru-Spec Gen-II Adjustable Boonie - Woodland Camo
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Mil-Tec Woodland Camo Assault Pack
4.5 (97)
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Magpul Go Bang Woodland Camo Trucker Hat
4.35 (54)

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Woodand Camo T-Shirt
4.3 (412)
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Woodland Camo Mini Alice Pack Rucksack
4.4 (48)

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Woodland Camo Vintage Washed Canvas Messenger Bag
4.35 (21)

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