British Army Field Pack - Woodland Camo

British Army Field Pack

Originally fielded by the British Armed Forces to carry the S10 Gas Mask, this British Field Pack is a very versatile bag. Constructed from tough Cordura with a DPM camo pattern, this bag is built as tough as it looks. WIth an adjustable shoulder strap, numerous pockets, and plenty of space this bag is perfect for daily use.

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Description / British Army Field Pack

Shoulder bag, carry bag, gas mask get to decide after you purchase this British Army Field Pack.


  • Adjustable shoulder strap with Quick Release Buckle
  • PLCE Clips for Webbing Attachment
  • Velcro sealed exterior pocket
  • Interior pockets and space for gear


  • 11" x 10" x 4.5" Outer Dimensions
  • Weighs 1.03lbs
  • Treated Waterproof Cordura Construction
No matter what your daily battlefield consists of, this bag won't let you down.

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Manufacturer British Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Bob'your uncle
Review by patrick
It is very good condition , fits my item for carry
Review by timothy
Looks new and in great shape makes a wonderful range for your brass. order one you won't be sorry.
like it
Review by Gordon
Bought 2 perfect for what I wanted. A little dirty but in really good condition. Couldn't ask for any better.
Substantial bag
Review by boB
If you have a need for the dimensions of this bag you will not be disappointed (4"x 8"x 9" main compartment). Slight use , in great condition. A lot of mumbo jumbo pocket crap inside that can easily be cut out for a nice open compartment. One I received had a couple of "personal decontamination kits" inside marked as 03/03 RPUK. A wash will be needed if you ask me, ya never know...
Review by sam
i've purchased 2 of these ,you can find multiple uses for these bags, such as chest bag, gas mask bag, food bags, etc .
used for anything
Review by sam
this small field pack can be used for anything i'll probably use this one as a gas mask bog, maybe a fire kit/first-aid kit. SAM
versatile bag
Review by chris
What a great heavy duty bag. 2 pouches on the outside a handful inside the main compartment. Mine looked brand new. Not a mark, smudge or anything. I thought it was unissued. Then I noticed on the back under the velcro flap a name wrote in magic marker. It's up to your imagination the different uses for this bag. Price is great but the shipping well.............get yourself a couple while they still have them
Great Bag
Review by Kriegshunde
Liked the first one so much I had to get another one! The possibilities are endless.
field pack
Review by Kriegshounde
Great roomy heavy duty shoulder or belt bag. Mine came in great shape and I am using it as a butt pack on the PLCE belt rig I also bought through Keep Shooting. I will be buying more of these soon for other tasks.
Respirator Haversack
Review by 53GR
Mine came new, with the DPM camo unfaded. It's an interesting bag that can either attach to a set of PLCE webbing (that Keepshooting also sells) or can be carried over the shoulder by an included strap. I have mine purposed as a medical bag, holding bandages, splints tourniquets, ace wrap, and emergency blankets.
If attached to the PLCE webbing (belt-and-suspenders), I would recommend that you put it on the side and strap it loosely to your leg as well. The pouch hangs down a bit and tends to bang into your leg if not secured properly.
A bit different from the photos
Review by Sandro
Mine was more beat up than the photo, and with slightly different straps. But it's a good bag, very tough. Over-engineered, probably.
Strong, reliable pack
Review by Marianne
This is a sturdy, well-made pack. I love that I can pack a lunch in it, or pile my Kindle, notebook, and other assorted odds and ends in it. I love the lining, too. I'm comfortable using this in bad weather and trusting my "stuff" to be safe.
Good Quality bag
Review by RANDALL
These bags are made very good,size is great bought 2 and will buy more,i will use mine for gas macks and for small radio gear. Heavy Duty will last a long time.
Great Quality Piece
Review by Dominic
These bags were made with great quality and hold up well. You can use it for so many things i wont even try to list, but is perfect for many jobs nonetheless.
Awesome pack!
Review by David
This is a really nice gas mask bag. I'm using mine to store my camping water filter kit. It will also fit 2 1L Nalgene water bottles.
I am not worried about this thing falling apart, its made from heavy fabric, and the stitching is well done too.
Mine came well used, but not abused. Still has tons of life left in it. Has a carrying strap too.
You will not regret buying this thing, its really built to last.
Tough As Nails
Review by Fred
Product I received was used by well maintained and as described. Very well made and tough material and great workmanship. Will most likely reorder this product in near future. Highly recommend this bag for those outdoorsmen. Keep up the great work and those terrific products "Keep Shooting".
great pack
Review by Kimberly
great pack for a gas mask kit
1,000 and 1 Uses
Review by TImothy
Ordered this to use as a possibles bag for black powder hunting. Got the bag and like it so much I am using it for my lunch box daily. And am considering ordering another to use as a bug out bag.

It can be worn over the shoulder, on the belt or fastened to a pack. There is a cinch strap that will hold it against your body if you are in the woods and using the shoulder strap.
This bag appeared to be new.
Super Tough
Review by Jose USMCR
Overbuilt bag. I believe these where meant to carry gas masks. How ever these suckers are super adaptable! I store tools in one shotgun shells in another and AK magazines in another. I also use one at the range to keep all my targets, shot spots and pens organized. Cool bit of kit. Buy.
Brand new and well made
Review by Logan
Came brand new and it is really well made. Perfect size for carrying mags. Fits my needs perfectly.
Supper Cool Pack
Review by rodney
came new in the wrapper, Carry strap, this pack is extra nice. It will hold a gas mask and extra filters easy. Great to carry extra magazines and ammo, M.R.E.'s, water bottles. One side pocket will take an AR15 30 rounder easy. Has a leg tie so you can run with it and it will stay at your side. 100's of uses. Would really like to know what the British made it for. I almost think it's a gas mask bag. Material it's made of is super strong, will take years of abuse. Would make a great range bag for ammo and magazines. I may order another one soon.
Excellent field pack
Review by brian
This pack is made for the long haul. New and made of long lasting materials.
grate ak mag pouch
Review by Daniel
Makes a great ak47 mag pouch
Review by G
Great pack, manufactured in 2007, this pack will serve many purposes well....
Tough Bag
Review by David
Well made and should put up with a lot of hard abuse. Great for magazines. Great price!
Review by Joe
Brand new, 2008, can definitely use as a small daypack/haversack. Goes great with my dpm gear and kit.
Review by Kevin
This is a great field pack. I was looking for something to carry my AR mags and AK mags and this one fits the bill.

good stuff

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