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Osprey MkIV Vest

British Osprey MkIV Body Armor Set


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  • Osprey MkIV Vest Osprey MkIV Vest
  • Osprey MkIV Vest - Rear Osprey MkIV Vest - Rear
  • Osprey MkIV Vest - Side View Osprey MkIV Vest - Side View
  • Osprey MkIV Vest - Take Off Osprey MkIV Vest - Take Off
  • Osprey MkIV Vest - Tag Osprey MkIV Vest - Tag

Quick Overview

The British Osprey MkIV Body Armor Set is the latest generation of the Osprey Body Armor that is the standard issue armor of the British Armed Forces. We received a small shipment of the vests associated with this set. Now is your chance to own authentic British Osprey MkIV vest, just add your own ceramic plates and you'll have a great military quality vest.

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The British Osprey MkIV Body Armor Set is a full featured tactical body armor system designed to meet the needs of elite soldiers. Consisting of a plate carrier with front, rear, and side panels that are fully lined with MOLLE attachment points and an assortment of tactical pouches, you'll not find a more equipped body armor system. We've sorted all of our sets by size to allow you to get the best fitting vest possible. The entire Osprey MkIV Body Armor Set meets the latest requirements for NATO specifications for IRR reduction, flame resistance, and thermal signature.

Vest Carrier - Features

The vest carrier is the main component for the Osprey MkIV Body Armor System

  • The front and rear plate carriers have 10 Molle attachment points on the front and 11 Molle attachment points on the rear. You can use the Molle attachment system to customize your tactical body armor carrier to your individual needs
  • Front carrier has two large D-Ring attachment points to hang additional gear or to securely store your vest when it is not being used. 
  • Integrated Velcro adjustable waist belt to keep your body armor from shifting while walking, running, or riding in a vehicle
  • Adjustable to fit your body with points at the shoulders, waist, and neck
  • Interior body facing side is quilted to keep your body cooler than earlier generations of the Osprey Body Armor System
  • Care tag listing washing instructions, NSN# 8470-99-213-3771
  • Plate pockets will accept any standard sized SAPI or ESAPI style plate, including our Bulletsafe Ceramic Plate
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Commodore Rock 02-34-2016 02-04-201611:07
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Good Deal on Great Armor Carrier
I got the last set in stock and unfortunately I didn't get all of the extra pouches that the other reviewers mentioned. Besides that I did get an extra set of the cummerbunds in exactly the same size as the set that was on there? Not particularly useful, but whatever. The vest itself was in pretty good shape and is obviously a well made military spec carrier vest. I bought it simply because I suspected it would be more comfortable than my current setup and I was right! For around $100 you can't beat this carrier, its sold, well made and gets the job done.
carl 03-69-2015 03-11-201511:31
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Great piece of kit!
Wow! What a great deal! In addition to the vest you get the neck covers, shoulder brassards, cumberbund, attachment straps and a bunch of MOLLE pouches. The vest and one of the pouches had some writing on it so they must have been issued for a very brief time but everything was in excellent condition. Just add soft armor and plates and you have a fantastic armor set up! Keep Shooting delivers again!
53GR 07-187-2014 07-07-201422:45
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Incredible Deal for Plate Carrier
British MTP is very close to Multicam, so this will work for anyone who likes the Crye pattern.
• The pouches alone are almost worth the cost. Consider that MidwayUSA is selling the double mag pouches for $12.99 each and the smoke grenade pouches for $8.93 apiece. The single mag pouches sell for $9.99 each on Ebay. So the value of the pouches alone is exactly fifty cents less than the total cost.
• The strap set includes several 1” and 3/8” Fastex buckles.
• Though I don’t recommend it, you can use one of the single mag pouches as an impromptu pistol holster. The flap secures via Velcro and a button snap and will hold a full-sized handgun rather securely.
• The plate carrier is made for British Osprey plates, not SAPI plates. If you put SAPIs in, they will be loose. However, you can use pieces of sleeping mat (or even a dollar-store swimming noodle) to raise the plates up to your required height.
• There are several different ways you can set this carrier up. It’s incredibly modular, so use what works best for you.
• Fully compatible with American PALS/MOLLE pouches.

Bottom Line - If you're in the market for a plate carrier and don't yet have all the mag pouches you need, strongly consider the Osprey Mk4!

3 Item(s)

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