British Osprey Load Bearing Vest

The British Osprey load bearing vest is a current-issue piece of equipment from the United Kingdom's Osprey modular system, based on the MOLLE system currently in use with the United States Armed Forces. Rows upon rows of PALS webbing lines this vest, which also ships with 10 random pouches that all but ensure you have room to bring everything but the kitchen sink into battle.

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Each British Osprey load bearing vest offered by is an authentic piece of British military surplus. These load bearing vests were originally designed for and issued to members of the British army, one of the three professional uniformed service branches of Her Majesty's armed forces, otherwise known as the British armed forces. Interestingly enough, the British Osprey load bearing vest is a current-issue piece of equipment that still sees use with British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Despite being considered military surplus, many of our British Osprey load bearing vests are completely unissued and unused. Others may have been issued, but appear to remain unused. As such, these brand new load bearing vests remain in excellent condition and are ready to begin a life of service stateside.

As noted, each British Osprey load bearing vest is in excellent condition, meaning they are also free from the typical rips, tears, stains and scents that often plague previously issued military surplus equipment. From paintball and airsoft players to survivalists and militia men, anyone with a need for a tactical load bearing vest is sure to love the British Osprey load bearing vest.

At its heart, the British Osprey load bearing vest is a simple vest that features a rugged, synthetic construction and is fully adjustable for compatibility with a range of sizes and near-limitless storage options. Secure the vest with a heavy-duty center zipper and three plastic fast-clip buckles. Arrange an array of pouches and other tactical equipment on the nine rows of PALS webbing that line the front of the vest, or the eight rows that line the back. Store vital documents in the dual zippered document pockets – your options are nearly limitless. Other features include adjustable sides and shoulders and a drag handle.

It is worth noting that the British Osprey load bearing vest employs the British Desert DPM camouflage pattern throughout, a two-color camouflage pattern characterized by a mixture of light sand and medium brown and its use in dry, arid regions.

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Overall Rating
Awesome LBV
Review by vjester
This IS the real deal, British issue and brand new and very tight assembly the first time. You can load this thing up like a rented mule, it has a spot for virtually everything. Caught mine on sale but at the regular price it's still a great deal. Price it out per pouch and do the math. Wish I'd purchased a second!
Overall Rating
Excellent item!
Review by charles
I wasn't looking for this item either but thought it looked cool and would figure some use for it. Well I'm very pleased with it now that I have it in hand. Solidly built, infinitely adjustable and load of diverse and useful pouches (just need to come up with alternate use for grenade pouches).
Overall Rating
good jacket
Review by Chris
It's what they say. Lots of pouches. New. One snap is difficult to open, but that should improve with use. Now to track down some Rit dye.
Overall Rating
The real with confidence!
Review by JARED
These days, it seems like the knock-offs are available on the market the day after the real article becomes available as surplus. Rest assured with this set that you are getting genuine British military issue gear. This is a British MoD approved vest and pouch set...all correct with appropriate NSN numbers. Plenty of MOLLE attachments to rig whatever way suits your fancy. Widely adjustable for size and generous sized pockets to suit most needs. This set of kit will last a lifetime!
Overall Rating
Great item for little price
Review by Dan R
Been shopping for something like this for awhile. Great value. I dyed mine with Rit Dark Green Dye. Worked out great. Adjust your immerse time for lighter/darker tint. Thanks KeepShooting!
Overall Rating
Great vest
Review by Jacob
If your thinking about ordering don't think anymore just get it this thing is strong as nails. Has mag pouches and the vest plenty of pockets.
Overall Rating
Fantastic Vest
Review by Philip
This vest will do anything you want, however you want it to. You can adjust it to suit any body type short of NFL offensive linemen or Sumo wrestlers. You can increase the width by taking out the side straps. You can adjust the height of the side/front panels by adjusting the velco connectors and straps located at the top of each side/front panel

Construction is a bed of heavy duty mesh backing with cordura desert DPM. The back has lots of exposed mesh for ventilation. The entire surface is covered with molle straps and the back has an upper and lower pair of fast clip buckles for attaching a camelback or pack or two.

The back inside lower has a velcro flush pocket at the small of back. Both sides of vest have inner mesh zipped pockets and outer zipped nylon pockets.

Then we get to the pouches:

Each is heavy gauge nylon/cordura with a rubber backing (inside) and a drainage hole.

Fastening methods vary for the pouches (count) from fast clip only:
AP grenade (2)
medical (1)
small utility (1)

fast clip and snap:
40 MM grenade (2)

velcro only:
knife/torch (1)

locking belted and velcro:
water bottle (1)
large utility (3)
SA-80 ammo (2)

The large utility pouches have a drawstring waterproof baffle.

This vest blows away any other tactical vest for durability, configurability and affordability for non-cold operations.

Its a bargain at the current price.
Overall Rating
What a Surprise
Review by Dave
Was not even in the market for a Vest. I saw this one & figured, "what the heck" same price or cheaper than other ones I had seen. WOW what a surprise. This thing is made like a Russian tank. Then I remembered the pouches, "rubber" lined, sturdy, velcro AND strap n latch closure.
Same day it arrived ordered another one for the wife, she wouldn't take mine off! Thought about getting two, one for a spare, then I realized, as tough as this thing is it will last longer than I do. What A Bargain!
Overall Rating
buy it!!!
Review by David
I am a military surplus junkie - especially for tactical gear. When I received this kit I was shocked. Brand new in package. The quality is better than any of the USGI gear and I thought that wasn't bad. 70 bucks is a steal for what you get.
Overall Rating
Review by me
A lot of stuff for just a little money.

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