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Chinese SKS Bandolier

This SKS Bandolier Holster is in excellent condition. The Bandolier has original Chinese markings. They have ten pockets to hold 10rd SKS Stripper Clips. Each pocket is designed to hold two full stripper clips.

Description / Chinese SKS Bandolier

This SKS Bandolier is a great addition to your SKS Rifles. They have two adjustable criss-crossed shoulder straps and one tie strap for around the back.

PS: The direct translation of the Chinese text on the bandolier:
Type 56, 7.62MM.
Semi-automatic Rifle Ammunition Pouch
3537 - Year 79

Customer Reviews

Neat way to store your ammo for range trips
Review by Alex
Pretty cool way to have some ammo ready for the range. Too bad these are getting harder to find. Neat to see the Chinese characters on the back.
Great way to store ammo on stripper clips!
Review by Jose
The best way to store ammo on clips. Its "Grunt" proof kit. Buy it.Could also be used to store spare pistol mags.
Review by John A.
Will order again. They make a bag to put the loaded clips into,but I find that sandwich bag work great.
great quality product
Review by nancy
when i received this it looked brand new like it came straight from the factory. it was well worth the money.
great way to hold your sks rounds
Review by The E
nice durable solid construction. fit me a little small but fits nonetheless. only gripe is that one of the loops from a pocket flap was missing. seemed to be cut or torn off. a little bit of sewing will fix it up.
Good product, Great service!
Review by Gerald
Very good condition. Only slight wear. Maximum fit is a men's Large. When fully loaded, it is a little stressed. But works great for now. Fast shipping and everything was packed well. Thanks KS!
All around a good deal!
Review by AvidShooter
This rig actually holds 210 7.62x39 rounds on stripper clips, one end pouch will hold three clips. A little bit small for your average American, even when fully extended. Also I felt that the shoulder straps were a little flimsy considering the rigs weight when fully loaded. For the price however, you really can't beat it.
Must have for SKS owner
Review by henry
Arrived in unissued surplus condition. Holds 200 rounds on stripper clips. The tenth pouch is slightly lager than other 9 for extra storage.
1000% quality
Review by jeffrey Riddick Tonn
I paid 29.50 for the same thing on OMAHA's Original GI Surplus!! DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!! I found it on Keep Shootings site here for $10.89!! plus $-& shipping!! THE SAME THING showed up... NO difference in quality..... I guess I know now the site where OMAHA'S website ordered them from.. Then OMAHA'S trippled the price + shipping!!! $38.00 at OMAHA'S or $17.00 from!! If you like to save money and not get ripped off?? Order from here.... I will order more from KEEPSHOOTING.COM!!! Thanks again..

You can't go wrong
Review by Matthew
I've bought a few of these from KS, and I am very happy with them. It's a great way to store and carry extra ammo for my SKSs. They look like new, and you can't beat the price.
Good Product
Review by Greg
Heavy duty material. Just a little small for me, (225 lbs). Good quality. I think you would be satisfied with it.
Best way to carry ammo
Review by SKSEddy
I have purchased four of these chest rigs and all were perfect. Only had a problem with one being to small but it was in perfect condition. You should have at least one for every SKS you own. If you want you can double stack them on your torso and max them out on ammo for a total of 440 rounds for an all out SHTF last stand.
excellent product!
Review by ohioststatebrutus
Looks and feels really cool strapped and ready to go with 200 rounds! Had it filled the day I got it. Also purchased the stripper clips and SKS bipod from KS. Great seller and fast shipping, will definitely shop with again!
good price
Review by Robert
overall a great product i had a little problem getting them in and the bullets falling out when taking them out but overall a great buy to have just load up and go on your way.easy way to carry a lot of ammunition if you are trigger happy like me
Awesome rig!!!
Review by SinoSoviet
100% Original and looks like it was never used. Buy before they are gone, I just ordered another.
Good value
Review by L. N.
Like new. Load up the stripper clips and fill the pouches. You're set for the range.

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