Freeze Tear Gas - 2oz

Aerko International Freeze +P Tear Gas is recognized among law enforcement professionals as one of the most powerful less-lethal pepper spray.  With a mix of OC and CS, once deployed the Freeze +P forumla will immediately stop a violent attacker.

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  • Freeze +P Tear Gas
  • CS/OC Formula for Maximum Stopping Power
  • Safe for Use with TASER Devices
  • Made in the USA

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Brand Aerko International
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Customer Reviews

Has a nice strong spray.
Review by Kelly
Verified Buyer
I've had this spray a few yrs now, it actually reached its expiration date 8 mos ago, and it still has a strong spray. Fortunately, I never had to disperse this spray in self-defense. Instead, I carried it in my purse, occasionally in a pocket, depending on the situation, or just sitting at home in an easily retrievable location. Never any leaking and pretty easy to grab and quickly manoeuver into use-ready position. Since I never had to use it for its intended purpose, I can't comment on its effectiveness, but it 'felt' a little safer having it rather than not, particularly in situations where using a firearm for defense would be a very desirable option.
Review by Dalton
Verified Buyer
I bought this for my security job. Wasn't issued anything so I had to shop around and this one looked promising. I like the no safety feature. Has quite a bit of juice which is great. I hope I don't have to use it, but if I do the guy getting sprayed is not going to have a good day.
Review by Pepe Le P U
Verified Buyer
Reasuring to have a few of these around. I have no idea as to the quality nor the value . From my understanding, these work very well and there should be enough juice! This fits very well into the 40mm grenade pouch, (sold on this site) with enough room for a Sudecon wipe.... If you felt the need to hand it over.
Review by Ben
Verified Buyer
Bought one of these last year and am buying another. I've worked a lot of security venues and have been issued "weaker" tear gas units by the companies I've worked for(probably liability insurance issues) But it's my butt/potential injuries from an increasingly aggressive public....not theirs.
I really like the "NO SAFETY" feature. You just POINT AND PRESS. No safety covers or toggles to deal with. Instant deployment like a paint spray can. I tested mine and it sprays a healthy fight stopping stream.
it works
Review by Daniel
Verified Buyer
I got this for my wife and I told her to test it on me like a idiot, but it works
Can't be too prepared..
Review by Nate-X
Verified Buyer
Got a couple of these to keep around in the event that I need to blind someone before kicking them in the shins! =)
Best prices on the internet
Review by Anastasia
Verified Buyer
Keepshooting again, comes through like the Patriots that they are. These units are not easy to come by, as they have a mix of OC and CS inside, which does not feel good, I can guarantee you. They are ready to go and have no lock mechanism on them, so it can be ready to use in a second. This smells exactly like the formula that's in the lock on devices, they are so strong. I'm an asthmatic, been sprayed with OC before, not CS.

You can smell this exact formula through the lock on devices, and this is definitely the real deal. *

*Compared to other vendors selling the same products online, I've seen the same "lock on style devices" sold on other sites for 5-10 dollars more than here. One site wanted 30 dollars for a 5 ounce tear gas grenade! I can get 2 here for that price.

This is what I carry on me when I'm walking/running around the neighborhood at night. I'm a male, but this product definitely gives you an upper hand in any situation, especially if your area is filled with muggers and shady city people. I will continue using this site for any of my surplus needs. It has a nice strong stream if you want to test it. Would hate to be on the other end of this. I can smell the test shot from 15-20 feet away easily. Thanks again KS
never hurts
Review by tony
Verified Buyer
never hurts to have it just in case. bought for my sister-in-law who is a realtor and has walked into houses with homeless people living inside. so i bought her this and she always carries it

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