Deep Freeze Tear Gas Canister

This Police Tear Gas Canister from Aerko International is impressive in its size and specifications. It combines a strong visual deterrent with a high-powered cone emission that will reach out to 15-18 feet. You can take very quick control of an individual or a crowd that is causing a disturbance with the Deep Freeze canister with the visual deterrent often being enough to end a confrontation.

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Deep Freeze from Aerko International uses a revolutionary blended CS/OC mixture that produces proven results. This combination will stop any attacker from being able to harm you, those around you, or from causing destruction to property. Fully non-flammable Deep Freeze is safe to use in virtually all environments and can be used in conjunction with a TASER or other electric discharge type device.

  • CS/OC Blend - Maximum Strength Available
  • MK9 Handle - Sure Grip and Visible Deterrent
  • Large Capacity - 17.5oz of Chemical Contents
  • Capable of 35 One Second Shots

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Brand Aerko International
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Customer Reviews

Less than lethal
Review by Magoo
Verified Buyer
My order arrived, intact. This is my second order of these
Great chemical agent
Review by C/O
Verified Buyer
I work for Department of Corrections as a Correctional Officer. I have used and been exposed to several single ingredient OC sprays including Sabre Red, which is what I carry on my belt at work. Deep Freeze, as well as other OC/CS blends, are known to be more effective in the Correctional world that I work in. I will definitely keep one of these in my car in case a situation should ever warrant its use for personal protection.
excellent product although I have not tested it.
Review by Doctor- "J".
Verified Buyer
I like this product. I have worked for the department of corrections for 20 years and have recently retired. This product appears to be very similar to the one that our correctional officers use during prison riots and smaller inmate altercations.Living in California, I prefer a non-lethal defense, but will resort to my firearms if necessary.The liberal politicians do not have the back of our police or law abiding citizens. It is a shameful situation. I may buy some more of this product in the near future.
Great item to have in the house and vehicle.
Review by Andrew
Verified Buyer
I bought a couple of these, some to give away as gifts and a couple for the house and one for the vehicle. With sporadic violence that seems to crop up lately it is good to have a non-lethal alternative to go to in a conflict. I placed these in my house in case of a home invasion with fire arms to back them up.
Great Tool
Review by Jose USMCR
Verified Buyer
This is a great tool to have. Good for crowd control. Good for inmate control. If you do not want to own a firearm this is a viable option. If you are going to the Stan or some other armpit of the world it may be a good idea to buy one.
Better than Pepper spray
Review by Mikey
Verified Buyer
These little buggers can hospitalize you if you have asthma. I did not believe in its main ingredient (CS),(OC) . It put tears in my friends eyes. It could not penetrate the Israeli gas mask though. Good stuff for self-defense because its main principle is incapacitation then escape i doubt a hefty 200 pound man could chase you while dripping lemon juice out of his eye sockets and not being able to breathe normally without throwing up.

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