Gerber Ceramic Pocket Knife Sharpener

The Gerber Ceramic Pocket Knife Sharpener is a small, lightweight, highly effective pocket knife sharpener from Gerber. This simple knife sharpener includes two sets of ceramic rods, one consisting of coarse rods to remove blade imperfections. The second set of fine ceramic rods are used for final honing of the blade to produce a sharp edge. 

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The Gerber Ceramic Pocket Knife Sharpener is a perfectly sized and functional knife sharpener. The compact size of this ceramic knife sharpener makes it ideal for use while in the field where you may want to touch up your knife between uses. The two sets of ceramic rods handle all knife sharpening duties, with one side being perfect for removing imperfections and the other being ideal for final honing.

  • Small Size, Full Function Design
  • Backed by Gerber's Lifetime Warranty

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Customer Reviews

interesting and useful gadget
Review by Michael
Verified Buyer
I was blind to the actual design of the sharpener and thought the white rods were covers on the sharpening peices. It took me a broken exacto tip to realize they were the sharpening implement. Despite that, its a nifty little gadget that is really useful for sharpening knives. For its proce i highly reccomend getting one.
Excellent Purchase
Review by Ben
Verified Buyer
I use this regularly on my pocket knives and it works like a charm- perfect for the price. It even works on larger blades such as kitchen knives with a variety of steel types.
It Works
Review by David
Verified Buyer
I have a Gerber multi-tool that I use every day, and the blade was getting beat up. Just a few minutes with both sides of this sharpener have returned it to a fine edge. The only downside is that I don't think it would work well on chisel-edge or hollow-ground blades, but for most knives, it's a good deal.
Handy to keep my knifes tuned up
Review by Craig
Verified Buyer
I have several Smith pocket sharpeners and wanted to give this Gerber a try. I love these to keep an edge on my pocket knives.
Good to have
Review by josh
Verified Buyer
A nice little go-to to have on you when working with a knife. I use it to quickly bring a dulling edge back to life. Works great for my swiss-army and spyderco knives. Not a replacement for a proper stone sharpening but keeps the blade going until you can get to your bench.
Real(will) sharp item.
Review by van
Verified Buyer
Been playing with it on some blades and it does do a very good job. I'm not very good at sharpen blades but with this and some advice from a friend I have learned how to do it and do it good. Too small for large blade and be careful as there is not a lot to hold on to it you have large hands. I wear a meat cutter glove to deflects any blows that might bite me hand or finger Get a few today and have fun.
Handy and works well
Review by Timothy
Verified Buyer
I have a couple of these that I bought years ago. One of the smaller ceramic sharpeners available, others can be pretty bulky. It's handy in a pants or pack pocket, for quick field sharpening. They work well for me.

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