The German Code Enforcement Police Blue Jacket is a water resistant jacket that is worn by the Ordnungsamt in Germany. With a responsibility of code enforcement throughout Germany, the Ordnungsamt can be found in virtually every area of the country doing their job. These water resistant jackets are worn by agents while on the job to protect them from wet weather and present an official presence when in the field.

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The German government has a long history of providing their employees and agents with quality equipment. With the Ordnungsamt being responsible for code enforcement throughout Germany, there is no doubt as to why these code enforcement jackets were made so well. Designed to offer enforcement agents protection from wet weather, they have all of the enhancements you would want on a police jacket.

With Ordnungsamt agents being representatives of a civil law enforcement agency, they need to project an image of respect. The dark blue color of these jackets immediately presents an image of authority. Form and fit of these jackets lends them to being worn over everything from dress clothes to duty gear as the waist area uses a unique velcro system to take in or let out the rear of the jacket. Velcro patches have been pre-sewn in by the manufacturer to allow unit patches to be worn on either arm when required. There also is a moderate amount of reflective stripes along the waistband and cuffs to provide extra visibility while working in the field.

The original sizing of these jackets is off by one size. What this means is the German size small is a US size medium, which is why we have noted the size in this manner. We would also describe the jackets as being roomy and you may find a US medium runs close to being a US large depending on how loose or tight you like your jacket to fit. These are extremely well made and will be appreciated by you the first time you put one on.

  • Authentic German Code Enforcement Police Jacket
  • Water Resistant - Breathable
  • Mesh Liner for Extra Comfort
  • Two Interior Button Closed Pockets
  • Two Exterior Zippered and Velcro Close Pockets
  • Velco Adjustable Waist for Better Fit
  • "OA" Marked Flap and Ordnungsamt Marked Rear

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