HK G3 Stripped Frame

The HK G3 Stripped Frame is a military surplus trigger group frame for the HK G3 rifle. Previously these trigger frames were used on HK G3 rifles that were fielded by soldiers in the German Armed Forces.

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The HK G3 rifle was the standard issue battle rifle of the German Armed Forces since it was first fielded in the 1960s. Having performed exceptionally on the battlefield, the HK G3 was the first product that brought the name Heckler & Koch to the world.

With the introduction of the H&K 91, many recreational shooters are able to enjoy civilian ownership of a G3 rifle. The German army has sold all of their original HK G3 rifles to surplus dealers and parts kits were imported by the container load. Semi-automatic build plans are widely available and there are a large number of parts that are common to both the original HK G3 and the civilian version. Parts like this stripped frame are essential to building an authentic looking HK G3 or repairing your already owned rifle.

  • Authentic G3 Stripped Frame
  • S-E-F Marked
  • From Previously Issued Surplus Rifle

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Customer Reviews

Nothing Parkerizing Cant Make Look New
Review by Rich
Verified Buyer
I bought 3 of these and with a little soda blasting and zinc phosphate parking look as good as new. You could even go the easy route and just slap some paint on and they would still look great. Excellent value.
Review by Philip
Verified Buyer
My stripped lower arrived in excellent condition with at least 95% original finish remaining. Great deal!
Good condition lower
Review by Erick
Verified Buyer
Finish wear is heavy on most and some have dings and bends. I ordered a few and will use the best few for projects. Thanks KeepShooting!

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