Hoppe's Gun Cleaning Kit

Here is a question for you – how long has is been since you last cleaned your firearms? Chances are if you cowered in shame or hesitated before answering, the answer is “too long” and you should probably get a move on. Every firearm owner should be aware of the importance of firearm cleaning and maintenance. After all, a well-cleaned firearm is a well-performing firearm.

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I’ll assume you’ve finally come to realize how important it is to regularly clean and maintain your firearms. Even if you do not rely on your firearms for self-defense, dirty guns can severely detract from your shooting accuracy and may consistently jam. That said the Hoppe’s gun cleaning kit is the first and last kit you’re likely to need. As mentioned, this universal cleaning kit can be used with all handguns, rifles (.22 caliber and larger) and shotguns – though additional brushes may be required. Everything is packed neatly into a solid, wooden case that measures approximately 15.5-inches long and 5.5-inches wide. The case is closed using a simple metal latch and is easily stored in a closet, safe or even your range bag. But enough about the box, let’s get to what’s inside the box.

Included with every Hoppe’s gun cleaning kit are all of the following components:

- Hoppe’s No. 9 Solvent, used for cleaning the barrel of a firearm

- Lubricating oil, used for lubricating the moving parts of a firearm

- A generous supply of patches in the following sizes: 2-inches by 2-inches, 1.5-inches by 1.5-inches and 1 inch by 1 inch

- Three-piece brass rod

- Four slotted ends, for use with patches

- Five phosphor bronze brushes in the following calibers and gauges: .22 caliber, .30 caliber, .38 caliber, 20 gauge and 12 gauge

- Rifle and shotgun adapter

- Handgun adapter

- A silicone cloth measuring approximately 14.5-inches by 13-inches, used for polishing metal surfaces and restoring luster

- A 33-page guide that details firearm cleaning and maintenance procedures

Of course, these are just the materials that are included with the kit. There is always room for more.

Whether you have recently purchased your first firearm or you have been collecting for years, it is never the wrong time to think about cleaning and maintenance. Consider the Hoppe’s gun cleaning kit for:

- Military personnel

- Collectors

- Hobbyists

- Gifts

Don’t let your firearm fail at an inopportune time, purchase a gun cleaning kit today.

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Customer Reviews

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Review by Dave
Verified Buyer
This kit is a must have for any gun owner. So do yourself a favor and put this on your bench. You won't be disappointed.
Everyone should have one
Review by RemMax
Verified Buyer
Despite having several one piece rods I have owned one of these kits since I first started cleaning my fathers guns after my earliest hunting trips many, many years ago!
I have used Hoppes for many many years and have always been pleased with their products.
I have several one piece rods for special uses but I always keep one of these kits handy for those trips to the fields or woods.
One piece rods are nice for after you get home but are bulky and fragile.
This kit covers the complete spectrum of firearms you might carry on whatever type hunting trip you may choose to go on.
It covers all your needs for cleaning anything from a 22 to a 12 gauge and is a compact unit making it easy to carry with you to the hunting camp.
Overall this is as good as any kit you are going to get and I have tried many but at the end of the day this one kit carries everything you need to maintain your firearms while in the field and keep your gun clean and ready for action.
Overall a good item to have on hand no matter how many specialized rods you acquire over the years, there is always going to be that day in the hunting camp where you need to clean your gun and this one kit will cover them all
Well worth the investment.
Nothing but Hoppe's
Review by Henry
Verified Buyer
I use nothing but Hoppes for cleaning my weapons and proud of it. this kit is my master kit that I use and I love the case it comes in

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