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People clean many different things for many different reasons. Take your body for example. Many people shower daily in an effort to wash away dead skin cells, dirt and other debris. They may also shower to avoid offensive odors that will send bystanders running to the hills. Clothes are laundered for many of the same reasons. People clean their dishes and other cooking utensils to make for more comfortable and sanitary meals. But does cleaning any of the aforementioned subjects improve their function? I don’t think so – if showering could make me run faster and jump higher I would be writing for Keepshowering.com. There is, however, something that I can say with some certainty benefits from improved performance when cleaned and maintained regularly. No, it is not your armpits – it is your firearms.

As if you didn’t know, regular cleaning and maintenance goes a long way in keeping the performance of your firearms up to par. After all, fouling can really foul up your trip to the shooting range. Lucky for you, we here at Keepshooting.com are aware of the importance of cleaning firearms. That’s exactly why we offer products like the new Outers universal gun cleaning kit – a complete 10-piece kit for cleaning all of your favorite handguns, rifles and shotguns.  

From slotted ends to jags and patches to solvents, this kit has everything you need to ensure a perfectly-performing firearm. Pick it up today for only $10.95.

Let’s talk for a minute about why cleaning your firearms is so important. Repeated firing can lead to fouling – the accumulation of unwanted materials on a solid surface. In other words, the more you shoot, the more your barrel gets fouled up with powder, gases and fragments of casings. This can take a serious toll on reliability by causing failures in regards to feeds, ejections and more, which is especially important if you rely on your firearms for self-defense. It would be quite unfortunate to experience a jam when you need your firearm most because you were unwilling to spend 15 minutes cleaning it. Even if you only shoot for fun, fouling can seriously detract from your accuracy.

Force all of these horrors from your mind with the Outers universal gun cleaning kit. This kit can be used with a wide variety of firearms and comes neatly placed in a plastic package.

Included with every Outer universal gun cleaning kit are all of the following components:

- Lightweight, three-piece cleaning rod

- .22/.270 caliber slotted end

- .22/.243 caliber pointed jag

- .30 caliber slotted end

- .30 caliber pointed jag

- Universal gauge slotted end

- Rod adapter

- Micro-fiber absorbent patches

- Nitro solvent gun cleaner

- Gun oil

Whether you have recently purchased your first firearm or you have been collecting for years, it is never the wrong time to think about cleaning and maintenance. Consider the Outers universal gun cleaning kit for:

- Military personnel

- Collectors

- Hobbyists

- Gifts

Keep your firearms from failing at the wrong time with the Outer universal gun cleaning kit.

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