John Ek Commando Knife Model 4

The John Ek Commando Knife Model 4 is an updated version of the combat proven jungle fighting knife. Made in collaboration by Ka-Bar with John Ek Knives, each Commando Knife comes with a Celcon sheath with a retraining strap and self-locking function. No matter what you face, you'll be on the road to victory with the EK44 at your side.

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  • John Ek Commando Knife Model 4
  • Collaboration Between Ka-Bar and John Ek Knives
  • Includes Celcon Sheath with Retaining Strap, Self Locking Function, and Multiple Tie-Down Points
  • Parkerized Double Edged Blade Made from 1095 Cron-Van
  • Overall Length: 12 5/8"
  • Blade Length: 6 5/8"
  • Blade Features John Ek Signature, Commando Knife Co and Logo Etches
  • UPC: 617717201448

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Customer Reviews

5 star knife in a 1 star sheath

Review by Malachi P.
Verified Buyer

The knife is everything that I expected.
The sheath is a complete disaster.
The retaining strap is impossible to resnap unless you remove the knife from your belt.
It also unsnaps with the slightest contact with anything.
More importantly, the retaining lugs in the sheath hold the hilt so tightly, the only way to draw the knife is to grip it firmly and jerk it out and about a 30 degree angle. Replacing it takes so much pressure that it will actually pull your pants off.
The knife is unusable with this sheath and will probably be returned. Sad because it's a great knife.

Five-star all the way excellent lifetime knife

Review by Saint A.
Verified Buyer

Comes razor sharp out of the box. Everything seems to be very high quality. Definitely the best value for $100 you're not going to find a better knife

Great knife! You won’t be disappointed!

Review by Amelio N.
Verified Buyer

Great knife !

Buy it! No seriously, buy it!

Review by Lavenia T.
Verified Buyer

Beautiful blade, feels great to hold and wickedly sharp. Sheath is not the best unfortunately.

Very satisfied, Thanks

Review by Marquette M.
Verified Buyer



Review by Esteven Q.
Verified Buyer

Excellent no-nonsense design, top grade steel that sharpens well and holds an edge, furniture material which provides good ergonomic grip and is anti-slip in all weather.

Skeptical when this optional replacement was handed out to my unit, as my Ka-bar had never disappointed. Marines don't just swap out dependable gear, so it was a slow go to give the EK an honest try. Most of us switched to it and never regretted it. Being an uncompromising S.O.B., my first few deployments with EK I admit having my Ka-bar in pack as (never needed) back-up, but the EK did win me over completely.

Carried that original EK for years, so only difference I'd note is the curved (instead of the original straight) crossguard. Build is straight-forward and solid. Scabbard is fine, but I prefer the black leather original issue scabbard I had so I had one made.

Strongly recommend the EK44.

Strongly recommend.


Review by Brendon L.
Verified Buyer

very pleased with order thank you


Review by Lisset M.
Verified Buyer

Knife feels solid in the hand. Came paper cutting sharp both edges. Guard and handle very comfortable. Is heavier than my U.S.M.C. KA-BAR but feels lighter due to the balance possibly. I like the longer handle.
Nice sheath. If you don't like the two bumps holding the knife in, grind them down, the handle strap/snap
will hold it in. Highly recommend.

Great knife
Review by Tom
Verified Buyer
Well shaped. Razor-sharp - cleaned the hair from a bit of my arm. —amazing knife.

Made for one thing.

Review by Cassity X.
Verified Buyer

It has a highly specialized purpose; I suppose that's why very high quality knives like this are hard to find. Mine came hair-popping sharp.

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