John Ek Commando Knife Model 4

The John Ek Commando Knife Model 4 is an updated version of the combat proven jungle fighting knife. Made in collaboration by Ka-Bar with John Ek Knives, each Commando Knife comes with a Celcon sheath with a retraining strap and self-locking function. No matter what you face, you'll be on the road to victory with the EK44 at your side.

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  • John Ek Commando Knife Model 4
  • Collaboration Between Ka-Bar and John Ek Knives
  • Includes Celcon Sheath with Retaining Strap, Self Locking Function, and Multiple Tie-Down Points
  • Parkerized Double Edged Blade Made from 1095 Cron-Van
  • Overall Length: 12 5/8"
  • Blade Length: 6 5/8"
  • Blade Features John Ek Signature, Commando Knife Co and Logo Etches
  • UPC: 617717201448

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Customer Reviews


Review by Tamaria Q.
Verified Buyer

Awesome fighting knife!!!!

Usual K-bar quality in a dagger!

Review by Tina F.
Verified Buyer

Best K-bar ever. If you are looking for a quality dagger, this is it!

The standard KA-BAR leather sheath fits this Ek knife

Review by Daemon Q.
Verified Buyer

Excellent knife to the price, the handle is surprisingly awesome though i did not expect it to be so. The sheath that came with the knife was lacking so I tried an extra KA-BAR sheath that I bought for another knife and it fits well. I did sharpen mine to give it a better edge - it’s razor sharp now.

Better Than Gerber

Review by Kyron H.
Verified Buyer

It seems that some believe that the original US Government contract for the EK knife ment that the knives were stainless steel. NOT SO.... The U.S. Government War Production Board tested and approved the designs of John Ek's knives and authorized continued availability of the nickel-chrome-moly steel which he used. This is pretty much the same steel that KA-BAR used in their modern version. And yes, this steel does have a higher tolerance to salt water and corrosion. Stainless steel was very costly thus the US government opted for the nickel-chrome-moly steel.
Back in the day when I owned one of the early Gerber Mark1 daggers, I considered it was an excellent knife for camping and survival. I even carried it as s backup when on duty. But this KA-BAR is a superior dagger. First it’s made for combat, not combat with an optional saw tooth edge for cutting small tree limbs.
I had two problems with the Gerber. The blade was narrow about midway at the sawtooth portion of the blade, which created a weak point. Also, the grip was not up to snuff.
This KA-BAR E44 is superb and the sheath is excellent. I wouldn’t want to fight a bear with a dagger, but if I had to; give me a KA-BAR...

Worth every penny!!!!! True tactical knife

Review by Cephus F.
Verified Buyer

Love love love this KA-BAR cammando knife it's expensive but totally worth it it's very nicely made all quality top grade materials. It had a good weight to it on the heavier side and it's a great throwing knife and because of the weight and force of throw it penetrates deep. It comes razor sharp and I'm very happy with my purchase!!!!!!


Review by Sandy S.
Verified Buyer

Overall a good knife, it has a sharp and strong blade. Main issue was the crossguard was dislodged from the blade when it arrived and sits loosely.

A good buy

Review by Sakura T.
Verified Buyer

Nice looking knife.

It's a Ka-Bar knife. Enough said.

Review by Meegan X.
Verified Buyer

As I stated in the headline, it's a Ka-Bar knife. The quality is there as in every knife I've purchased with that name on it. I've read reviews criticizing the uniformity of the blade. These knives are finished and sharpened my hand, they aren't stamped out in China. Some irregularity is expected, but the quality is never less than the best.

The pictures give no reference to the size of the knife, even though the dimensions are there. Until you hold it in your hand you can't appreciate the size of it. I have large hands and it feels very comfortable.

Bad grind. Poor quality control.

Review by Daryon L.
Verified Buyer

The grind was completely mis-aligned through the tip. Poor quality control and a sad representation of a formerly great name in knives. Kabar can recover if they improve quality control. Other than that, it’s very sharp and useable despite the poor QC.

One of my favorite

Review by Kaye X.
Verified Buyer

Love everything about this knife made very well and balance is great and very sharp this is one blade I would take into battle

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