The Ka-Bar Big Brother Fighting Knife was designed in cooperation by Ka-Bar with the highly-trained folks at Strategic Edge Impact Global Enterprise of Webster, NY.  The Big Brother features a massive 9.375 inch blade and is designed for a lifetime of hard work and constant use. Included with the Big Brother is a brown leather sheath just like the original Ka-Bar fighting knife.

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  • Ka-Bar Big Brother Fighting Knife
  • Fixed Blade
  • Blade Length: 9.375"
  • Overall Length: 14.375"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.165"
  • Includes Sheath
  • UPC: 617717222177

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Customer Reviews

Ka-Bar Is the Best !!
Review by Niah T.
Verified Buyer
This product was of the quality expected and the price was - relatively - fair.
I am happy with the product, and the service, and the delivery.
Our Bug-Out-Bags are better, fuller, and now well outfitted.
Good product. Good seller.
Unparalleled quality.
Review by Saman D.
Verified Buyer
Love this knife I know it's large, but I can't help but bring it with me when I go camping. I have used it to split wood by batoning on the back of it,cut down saplings. The knife is a little large for like gutting small game but it can be done.
Review by Adolphus D.
Verified Buyer
This is a great companion to a standard KABAR, a tried & true knife.
Great knife
Review by Xan A.
Verified Buyer
Razor sharp, nice finish. I love this knife.
Ka-Bar quality.
Review by Joel X.
Verified Buyer
Amazing. I recommend, if you need anything bigger. You should think about relocation.
A Formidable Knife
Review by Jeanine Q.
Verified Buyer
Solid in the hand, good weight and heft. The fit and finish are the same excellent quality you'd expect from Ka-Bar, if you're familiar with the brand. It wasn't extremely sharp out of the package, but a few pulls with a ceramic rod brought it to a serviceable edge. Top-notch, sturdy leather sheath--it gets my personal seal of approval.
Kabar review
Review by jeffrey
Verified Buyer
Got aquatinted with kabar in the military best value on the market, in my humble opinion. The “Big Brother “ should be great for more significant camping and wilderness chores. Hard to beat for the money
Super sharp
Review by Joscelyn Q.
Verified Buyer
It came out of the box God like sharp!! Sheath is in great condition. A well made knife and Sheath. I recommend this KA-BAR Big Brother to anyone who appreciates the craftsmanship of a great knife. I'm super happy with my purchase.
Ka-Bar Big Brother
Review by Cherlene S.
Verified Buyer
Everything as per described. Came in good condition.
Great Knife, Same Tradition
Review by Mikail U.
Verified Buyer
This knife is sort of like the modern imagined big Bowie Knife that Jim Bowie never owned in a Second World War Ka-Bar style of handle and blade. It’s the modern version of the Ka-Bar with a big long and wide blade. Unlike the standard Ka-Bar, the false edge runs down the spine and has a sharp serrated portion near the handle covering at least a third of the overall length. Thus, the blade is sharp to some extent all the way around and should not be used for batoning, the silliest activity l have ever heard of with a good knife. Why silly? Well, that’s because some people, who probably will never be in a minimalist survival situation, practice with and ruin good costly knives batoning. The practice is an emergency activity, when proper wood cutting and splitting tools are unavailable, and is best done with heavy knives: a real khukuri or Condor Hudson Bay knife comes to mind. The former is a heavy, thick-bladed farmer and warrior’s knife made for a chopping stroke; the latter is a heavy butcher and chopping type knife. People hear of the survival qualities of the Ka-Bar combat knives and forget they are “combat knives” that can do those things but were not intended to do them. The documentation that comes with the new knife says to not do them. Military men have stretched the knives’ capabilities in emergencies because they had to. These Ka-Bars are fighting knives with strong thin slicing an penetrating blades designed in World War II for combat and fairly good for hunting, though the blades are not in the perfectly ideal skinner shape. They would have been a wonderful Indian knife, way back in the day: cutting leather; skinning; debarking small limbs (skinning them) for bows, spears, and arrows; and aiding in all types of necessary crafts as well as a fighting knife. But even and Indian, in fact especially an Indian, knew to use his tomahawk on wood and trees, and not his best fighting one. He probably actually often had a bigger axe for that like most grownups.
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