The Ka-Bar Becker Campanion Knife is a heavy duty knife designed for camping, hunting, or back woods outdoor enthusiasts. This heavy duty knife will be your companion on your next outdoor adventure where it can fill multiple roles.

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The Ka-Bar Becker Campanion Knife is part of the Ka-Bar Master Series and represents a collaboration between Ka-Bar and Becker Knives. With the Campanion, you have the history and legendary support of these two companies from the design phase to your use of it in the field. You can trust that this knife will serve you in the field with the same level of support as the Ka-Bar continues to do for troops around the world.

  • Designed by Ethan Becker
  • Heavy Duty Construction - Weighs 1lb
  • Drop Point Blade
  • Made from 1095 Cro-Van Steel
  • Includes Polyester Sheath

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Customer Reviews

Very nice camping knife.
Review by Ivey J.
Verified Buyer
This comes in handy around the campsite for anything you need a robust knife for. Cutting cables to chopping wood. Using this knife and a second log used as a hammer you can split wood with it. I wouldn't hesitate to use for projects and tasks that I wouldn't usually use a knife for so it has multiple tool uses.
A novice's perspective: durable but cumbersome.
Review by Marshall U.
Verified Buyer
I'm not anything of a knife expert but I just wanted something I could bring when I go camping to do various tasks such as cutting down firewood and feathering and things like that. I didn't take into account what a 1 lb knife would be like because I don't really ever use knives but a 1 lb knife is pretty hard to deal with when you're trying to do finer things. That being said, it's incredibly durable and I don't ever see myself getting rid of it because it basically gets the job done, but if I had to do it over again, I think I would just buy a hand ax and a smaller knife with the money I spent on the bk22.
Received today
Review by Johanne Z.
Verified Buyer
Received knife today. Packaging looks great. Excellent feel of knife. Looking forward to sharpening and taking out into the field.
way too heavy for a knife
Review by Lourdes J.
Verified Buyer
good length and ergonomic handle but it's way too heavy for a knife. It's hard to swing because of its weight, and I would rather carry an axe if I need something that heavy for wood splitting. Heavy machete or axe I can understand but heavy and rather short knife seems pointless.
Review by Melinda S.
Verified Buyer
Solid, strong. I had it sharpened and a corner put on the spine to spark a ferro rod. It will last years to come.
Strip it first, you’ll like it better.
Review by Alok U.
Verified Buyer
The knife is great. Fits well in my hand, I can almost palm a basketball, but not quite. The blade was pretty sharp out of the box, but the grind was off center, so it took a little work to fix it. The coating is obnoxious. It’s not a powdercoat, it’s like a milder version of bed liner. I used it for a campout new and it was useless for carving, and couldn’t make a spark with a ferro rod, ugh the coating! I don’t usually start a fire that way, but was excited to try it out so it was a letdown. I put it away and used my backup folder. When I got home I bought some paint stripper and took off the scales. Then I taped off the handle and removed the coating from the blade part, which came off very easily. I left the coating under the scales since it probably keeps water from getting under the scales and rusting it, whereas I can always wipe the blade dry.

The knife is much better without the coating, I’m happy to say. Carves thin curls, doesn’t tire out my hand, and the spine now makes a good spark with a sharp 90 on the spine.
Should knife
Review by Phoebe M.
Verified Buyer
One of the best production knives I've seen in a long time
Review by Jonnita J.
Verified Buyer
Heavy, but expected. Well made and balanced. With it you will feel confident, to say the least. The only fear is losing it. Bought kydex sheath separately, but ok. Overall, YES!
Good knife, sheath needs work.
Review by Lyndia J.
Verified Buyer
I like the knife, but the sheath needs work. The biggest problem with the sheath is that the handle buckles are so tight that they require both hands to buckle. Even then it's a struggle. The Velcro belt loop, is a nice idea, but I haven't figured out the knack of putting it on my belt. I think holding it upside down may help.
Wow! Buy this now!
Review by Theresamarie G.
Verified Buyer
This is a razor sharp crow bar! Perfect camp/survival knife. No reservations! Buy it now and be completely satisfied with your choice!
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