Czech M10 Gas Mask Filter For Sale

M10 Gas Mask Filters

Czech M10 Gas Mask Filters for sale.  Each package contains a sealed left and right filter piece, which is a complete set. These are not the standard issue filters that are readily available, so stock up now for future use.

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Description / M10 Gas Mask Filters

Czech M10 Gas Mask Filters will fit either the Czech M10 or Czech M10M gas mask. Complete set featuring both left and right side pieces.

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Brand Czech Army Surplus

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Customer Reviews

Great company to deal with.
Review by JAMES
Verified Buyer
Although expired, these M10 gas mask filters work great for filtering particulates. Great filters, and an awesome company to deal with. Thank you.
All filters I received were NBC, sealed nicely in their foil packages
Review by Fun4Me
Verified Buyer
I was not expecting to get all four filters nicely sealed in their original foil packs, but there they were! All of the filters are NBC rated and unused.
Depends on which ones you get
Review by rodney
Verified Buyer
There are two styles of Filters for the Czech M10 style masks. The ones sealed in foil (Tin Foil)they are NBC rated, The ones in the clear bags are for gas only I am told.. I may be wrong on this but people seem to get a mixture of both kinds when they order in bulk from other vendors. Just keep this in mind. If you have an M10 style gas mask, these extra filters won't last forever. I love my M10 masks and have a pretty good supply of both styles of filters on hand. When you order, ask KS if they are foil wrapped or plastic wrapped.. Also practice changing these filters out. Does not take as long as some people say after you have done it 5 or 6 times. But the mask has to be removed from your head to do it.
Nice back up's.
Review by Connected
Verified Buyer
I don't think these will help in a real disaster. But they work great for painting, and working with household chemicals like bleach and ammonia (keeps the smell down). Only down side is they are hard to install in to the Czech M10. But that is a problem with the design of the mask not the filters. I don't know the quality of these yet, as I am still using the filter set that came with the Czech M10.
Low Price
Review by Tim
Verified Buyer
If you own the Czech m10 or the US G17 you should buy extra filters. Especially when you know they are new and unused!
Good quality
Review by Doug
Verified Buyer
They fit in my polish mp4.I don't intent to test them against some of the things that it protects from but hope that in a bad situation it will provide at least some protection.
Great product
Review by Robert
Verified Buyer
This is a great product. These are well kept and still sealed to protect the filters. When you get these put them in a airtight bag with oxygen/moisture absorbents to give these a indefinite amount of time.

Thanks for another great product.

As a side note, these filters are still very useful but be sure not to open them and store them right. Never know when you may need them.
Review by Repeat Customer
Verified Buyer
Works flawlessly in my czech M10 gas mask!
Really Cool
Review by Blaid
Verified Buyer
I got some of these to go with my m10 mask. The ones that come with the mask appear to be of lesser quality, so I would definitely recommend getting these as well.

What makes these really cool is that they come still sealed in vacuum foil, and they have Czech lettering on them in large, bold print. I plan to buy more of these in the future.
works well and that's all that matters
Review by Milsurpgeek
Verified Buyer
I have been around various poisonous gases as a test conducted by a close friend. It handled all of the following
OC gas
Chlorine gas
mustard gas
sulfuric gas
gasoline fumes
heavy smoke
I have no doubt this will work for serious problems like biological agents or worse. worth every penny.

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