Mauser Gewehr 98 Trench Magazine

This Mauser Gewehr 98 Trench Magazine is an authentic reproduction of the original from World War I. By installing this trench magazine into your Mauser 98 you will be able to increase your rifles capacity to 25rds of 8mm.

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This is a reproduction of a Mauser 98 Gewehr 98 Trench Magazine. The Mauser 98 was the predecessor to the K98K, so please make sure you understand what rifle you have prior to ordering this magazine. Tens of thousands of these magazines have been sold over the years and those with the skills necessary have fit them to the K98K, Hakim, and FN49 rifles.

  • Made of Steel
  • 7% Stronger Spring
  • Designed to work 100% on Mauser Gewehr 98

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Customer Reviews

Will fit m96 Swedish Mauser
Review by No One
Verified Buyer
Five taps of a hammer on the front tang and it fits with precision on M96 Mauser.
Good Product!
Review by MK
Verified Buyer
I've been thinking of getting one of these extended magazines for my WWI German 98 for some time. I haven't purchased from Keep Shooting in the past but decided to give them a try after reading some reviews. I' glad I did.
Well Built
Review by Fred W.
Verified Buyer
Unfortunately, could not fit it on my Turk refurb. It was only about 1.5 mm too big, but after getting it attached, the follower stuck.
But it is vey well made. It'll probably work on my next Mauser project. Nice historical reproduction.
A fine addition
Review by Tank
Verified Buyer
While not seen a lot, this attach/detach mag will hold enough ammo to let your shoulder hurt on range day. The ONLY problem I had was with a RSO who was unfamiliar with it who howled at me for 15 minutes "pull your mag". not so much.
Review by Dylan
Verified Buyer
When dry cycling I found the function to be lacking. However..under actual fire the mag works perfect. Looks great and only took a small amount of fitting to work on my 98/22 and K98
Review by CSA
Verified Buyer
Mauser mag
Review by Shopper
Verified Buyer
I always check price, availability, product quality. Most of the time if not always this site has what I look for. Good job
Mauser Trench Magazine
Review by M Trike
Verified Buyer
Overall well built mag at a great price compared to other vendors of this same item. The one that I received had the issue of the follower cocking out of level after 8-10 rounds were cycled through. I polished the follower at all contact points and used powdered graphite to lubricate the contacting surfaces of the follower and mag walls. That helped keep the follower stay level as it moved up through the mag. It is still not consistent in performance. I think there is a inherent design flaw of the very long zig-zag spring causing the follower to tilt as it moves upward. I'm going to try using two pistol mag springs side by side to see if that eliminates the tendency of the follower to shift to the direction of the zig-zag spring. An even front and rear spring pressure should make these trench mags reliable.
5 stars to 1 star
Review by Bucky
Verified Buyer
Mag seemed great until I loaded actual ammo into it. First, tried pushing 5 rounds from stripper clip. What a mess; follower "stove-piped"(assumed a vertical position) and I had to remove mag to get ammo out. Tried loading 15 single rounds by hand pushing on front and back of cartridge; stove-pipe of follower and jammed cartridges. Tried again, same. Removed mag to make sure follower was pointed in right position, it was. Tried yet again with 15 rounds (that is 10 in mag); jam city, stove-pipe of follower and more stuck rounds. Perhaps point of bullet is rubbing on front of magazine or breech of barrel, but I tried to avoid this issue. Shouldn't be that sensitive anyway. Removed and replaced with original Mauser 5 round mag, worked like a champ. These mags seem to work by their reviews, not mine, wish it did, ideas?
Fit K98, not Turk G98
Review by Bucky
Verified Buyer
Had lots of grief removing bottom mag plate on 1944 refurb Turk G98. Decades old cosmoline. Could not get mag to lock in. Also had trouble getting removed plate to lock back in, but it did. Mag locked into my K98 (Yugo markings) w/o problem. Fine, since I wanted it on K98 anyway! Well made product.

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