Mil-Tec Warrior Pants

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The Mil-Tec Warrior Pants are a pair of brand new military style tactical pants. Constructed from RipStop material and reinforced with padding at the knees, these warrior pants will have you prepared for any scenario.

The Mil-Tec Warrior Pants are a well designed pair of tactical pants. Mil-Tec of Germany spent a considerable amount of resources developing these SWAT pants to ensure that they had all the features you could want. The camouflage patterns that were used to produce these warrior pants are some of the most desired patterns, including Italian army woodland vegetato.

Mil-Tec has packed these warrior pants with features that you want and need. Starting with the waistband there is no clumsy button or snap, there is a large section of velcro along with a zipper. This will allow you to quickly put on these pants when needed and ensures secure fastening even while wearing gloves. The belt loops are a series of five 4 x 3 inch sections that can either support a tactical belt or be used to hang additional gear. One of the front belt loops even has a metal D-clip to give you a connecting point for items like a pistol lanyard.

Cargo space in these pants is optimal, with there consisting of zippered close side pockets. On top of each of the side pockets is a side storing pouch that is both sealed with velcro and a buckle system. The rear of the pants include two velcro closed pockets that are ideal for storing important gear and storing it securely. There are also elastic bands above the ankles to keep the warrior pants secured to your boots. Boots are also easy to put on with the nine inch boot zippers that are found on the bottom of each pant leg.

  • Tactical Warrior Pants - Factory New
  • Made from 100% RipStop Cotton
  • Integrated Knee Pads
  • Made by Mil-Tec
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