Belgian OD M88 Field Pants - Belgium Army Pants

Belgium OD M88 Field Pants

The Belgium OD M88 Field Pants are an authentic pair of pants from the Belgian Army. Built to stand up to combat conditions, these army pants are an excellent choice for work or duty clothes. The tough-as-nails cotton blend fabric will stand up to daily use and abuse and the design of these pants makes them ideal to be worn as over pants.

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Description / Belgium OD M88 Field Pants

The Belgian Army has a long history of distinction in both war and peace time in Europe and Belgian colonies. With close cooperation with countries like France and Germany, the Belgians take great pride in ensuring their armed forces are able to work with first rate fighting forces. One of the most important aspects of this close cooperation is to ensure that the Belgian Army provides their soldiers with top quality uniforms and field gear.

One example of the quality of Belgian Army gear would be these M88 Field Pants. The Belgian Army has fielded this style of field pants since 1988 and soldiers have praised the performance of them in the field. Like most Belgian military uniforms, they are made from a tough cotton blend material that is a very distinctive olive drab color. The features of these field pants show that the design was carefully planned and executed to give soldiers a pair of field pants that could be worn as stand alone pants or over pants when conditions warranted.

  • Authentic Belgian Army Pants
  • Drawstring Waist and Ankles - Snug Fit
  • Olive Drab Color
  • In Near New Condition 
  • Large Size: 36"W x 32"L
  • Extra Large Size: 40"W x 30"L 

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Manufacturer Belgium Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Thick pants at a good price
Review by MelV
I wish they have more choices in sizes but I do recommend them if the sizes will work for you. I plan to put them on the dryer a couple of times to shrink it a little bit. This is ideal for working in the garage or in your yard.You can use it as an outer pants to protect your good pants inside.
Excellent overpant, if it'll fit you
Review by P
These are really well made and the condition was apparently new (nothing to indicate any previous wear or washing). They are definitely overpants, the side slits are not pockets and the legs are baggy. but they come with a full set of suspender buttons, and also light webbing in the same locations for hook-type supenders. The downside is the Larges is no bigger than a 35 waist/34 inseam. If that, and the single leg and single rear pocket, works for you - these are great.
Great product
Review by Mary
The quality of these pants is top-notch. The workmanship, quality of material, feel of the pant when its on is so much more than I expected. You can't go wrong with this purchase.
Uodate on Previous Review
Review by Grok
These are an excellent item. The L size is definitely 36W, 32L. I did end up buying another half dozen or so and have been using them as work pants (not over pants) for a few months now. They take a few washings and wearings to break in, but are remaining durable even when they soften up. They do SHRINK a bit when being dried in the dryer. I'd guess maybe one size or so. But they've got a drawstring waist so that hasn't been a problem. The main thing I want to emphasize is that they work best (for me) with suspenders. There aren't any belt loops, and though you could use the drawstring, it's a little uncomfortable. If you are going to use them as overpants order them a size large. I'm told they look pretty good as well, for whatever that's worth. Probably the best deal I've gotten from KeepShooting.
Review by Chris
Had to put that title in bold in case you miss it in the description and in other reviews. I didn't realize when I ordered but was not disappointed when they arrived. Very tough feeling pants and make great winter pants for the price you cant go wrong.
Great Deal On A Solid Pair of Trousers
Review by Vincent
If you can fit into these, you cant go wrong here. Seems brand new, heavy duty materials and simple construction and very functional design. I received the size large. A bit big on me - 5'7", 150 pounds, 32" waist, 30 inch inseam - but they will work fine as over-pants and bit baggier trousers on their own. Waist tie will tighten them up to fit.

This is a great deal on a solid pair of trousers. If you can make these fit, you can't go wrong here!!!
High Quality Pants!
Review by BSIDEPC
Belgium OD M88 Field Pants: These pants are top quality. Very well constructed, and the large cargo pocket is very useful, The rear pocket is big enough for a tri-fold wallet but not much else. Both pockets are button-up, as is the button-fly. The “draw string” is a high quality strap and long enough to tie tight. There are buttons and strips sewn into the inside of the waistband to be used with suspenders and the like. The side pockets are not pockets but rather, slits for you to stick your hands through to access the pockets in the pants you are wearing underneath. The pant legs are very roomy, and clearly these are designed to wear on top of another pair of pants. Note that the slits are well finished, and each has a inner flap so that your legs/underpants are not exposed even if the slits held open. The WAIST is the stated size, don’t expect to squeeze into these if you’re a size or two bigger. I’m a 38 and the Large is 36, and unfortunately, I could not fit into them. But that is not a fault of the pants, but a fault of me being overweight! So if you wear a size 36 comfortably you should be able to fit into the Large just fine. If you have to squeeze into a 36 now, you won’t be able to squeeze into these... That’s expected for military clothing--they don’t have much give--and these pants are no exception. For 2 bucks though it was well worth taking the chance! Hopefully Extra Large will become available at some point, and when/if they do, I’ll be back for more!
Great overpants
Review by Dale
I like sales and the Cyber Monday sale is great. I bought 3 pair and when I saw them I ordered 3 more. These pants are well made and strong material. Perfect for an outer covering for work or "rough" playing. I paid 1.99 for an item worth much more and as usual Keep Shooting does it again with another fantastic deal and high quality merchandise.
Excellent, Excellent Deal
Review by Grok
Well made, good looking, and comfortable. I ordered 2, and am now planning on ordering 5 more. The L size is definitely 36W, 32L. They have inside buttons and loops to allow use of suspenders. I took them over to our local chain saw and outdoor equipment since I know they sell suspenders there. He was pretty impressed with the quality of these as well. I will probably use these as an outer layer work pant, with dark thermals or some other dark undergarment. They do have an excellent side cargo pocket, as well as a rear 'wallet' pocket. I may end up sewing the front slots closed on them. These would have been a good deal at the original price. At $2, they are a no brainer.
Great Buy!!
Review by Pete
At what came out to be about $5 each after shipping, these were a great buy. I wear a 38" waist and 32" inseam. The XL fit just right for wearing over other pants as they were intended, with room and adjustment to spare. The material is tough and durable and still comfortable to wear.
3 more pairs
Review by Dave
These are now on clearance sale - my advice: BUY some. I just bought 3 more pairs. 2 more large as regular pants (just sew up the pockets) to wear around the house, out to the store, working on the car, etc. They are ultra-comfortable and the material is bullet-proof (not literally). The xl are great for me as overpants that I can leave the pocket slats as they are to reach into regular pockets. With the clearance price of these, buy them and I guarantee you won't be disappointed. If you wear as regular pants, in addition to sewing the pockets, you can cut the ties off the cuffs to in order to clean up the appearance. The ONLY thing that could make these better is a zipper as I hate button flies...but what the hay - at this price I'll live with it.
Excellent as new
Review by Andrew
Excellent product as new
Don't Order Much
Review by Joe
I am not a large scale buyer, I have modest needs. However everything I have purchased from keep Shooting has been top of the line, these pants no exception. Some said these would make a great over pant, not so sure about that very heavy construction, maybe in winter but not in the summer. The weave is tight enough and fabric tough enough to stop briars. The pants were brand new and smelled just like a new recruit. You can not go wrong with these, Keep Shooting got another one in the ten ring.
Great lounge pants or overpants
Review by Dave
If you buy a size that fits, they make great lounge pants that you could even wear to the store if need be EXCEPT that your skivvies will show due to the pass-through pockets. I need to either find a way to add pockets or just sew the slots closed for lounge pants. If you get next size up they make nice sturdy over-pants to keep your regular clothes clean.
You can't beat the comfort and toughness of this fabric.
I like sales!
Review by Bob
I'm ordering these now because this sale price is too good to pass up. After I get them I'll decide if I want to get more. I think for this price, I probably will.
Good to wear over your jeans at work!
Review by seth
Work in a messy environment? These make great overpants if you buy a size up.
The're quite tough and keep the nasty stuff off your good clothes.
Great price outer trouser
Review by Joe
Compared to Dickies in textile quality good to go. Tried in light rain reveal water resistance & wind blocking a plus . Dry quick too . Waist strap not enough for me but inner buttons for suspenders good feature which. Make for quick donning for outer pants if you have to change a flat tire on the way to the range.
ANOTHER 5 Star purchase from KS
Review by Justin
The pants I received are brand new. They are a nice thick cotton material, but not stiff, they are supple. The pants have a lot of room in them. They don't have pockets, but have pass-through pockets where you would typically put your hands when you are just standing around. This is so you can use them as over pants. That really is the only complaint on these, but that is the style/function...not a defect. Another design flaw in my opinion is the rear of the pant only has one back pocket. There is also only a cargo pocket on one side. These will be used as lounge pants around the house. Great buy at $8.

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