The Peerless Model 700C-6X Handcuffs have additional links to accommodate individuals with larger upper bodies. The additional links give 5 1/2 inches of distance between the cuffs. The added space reduces shoulder, arm and wrist strain for larger individuals. The Model 700C-6X eliminates the need to link two sets of cuffs in order to restrain one individual.

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  • Peerless 700C-6X Handcuffs
  • 8 Chain Links - 5.5" Ditance Between Cuffs
  • NIJ Type 3 Certified
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes Two Keys

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Peerless Handcuffs
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Peerless Handcuffs
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Customer Reviews

Very comfortable and worth the price.

Review by Florencia N.
Verified Buyer

My husband put these on me 'just for fun'. They were comfortable and didn't hurt my wrists. They have a lockout feature which keeps them from accidentally closing too tightly. These are quality handcuffs (not that I would know) :). The longer chain relieves shoulder strain.

Can’t reach the key hole with these behind you back

Review by Bettye D.
Verified Buyer

These are great for long sessions and being cuffed behind your back overnight. Or for long periods of time.

Review from a ladies perspective

Review by Jimmie D.
Verified Buyer

I wanted to write this review because I wanted to give thoughts from a ladies perspective.
The chain is longer than the average cuff which is what I was looking for, still be secured tightly but not put into a compromising position that feels like my shoulders about to pop out it’s socket.
My first instinct is to head towards S&W brand but for ones similar to these they are just too expensive, this delivers a quality product for a great price. Honestly the main difference between the two that I can see is the finish on these/shininess, but let’s be honest that’s not what I’m here for.
The double lock is great so I’m not accidentally forcing them tighter and cutting off my circulation, which is needed for my specific use.
We have used these about 4 times so far and each time has been quite enjoyable! And don’t worry, the universal key works for them if you had that thought.
Pleasure 10/10
Quality 10/10
Comfort- it’s no memory foam but still 10/10

Long chain but normal size cuffs

Review by Breayna N.
Verified Buyer

The wrist part of the cuffs are normal size. For some reason no one has thought that someone large enough to need an extra long chain is also large enough to need extra large cuffs. So your only choices are normal size cuffs with extra large chain or extra large cuffs with normal size chain. Can anyone make cuffs that have both large cuffs and long chain for thos big men with broad shoulders and large wrists!

Comfortable to wear.

Review by Monterio X.
Verified Buyer

The extra chain between the bracelets makes these Peerless handcuffs comfortable for me to wear.

Designed to hold you tight, with a few extra linkage :)

Review by Latiya N.
Verified Buyer

Designed to hold you tight, with a few extra linkage :)

Five Stars

Review by Valerie K.
Verified Buyer

Item as advertised. Fast shipping. Recommend

Fine for my girlfriend

Review by Marty B.
Verified Buyer

I needed something a bit more comfortable for my girlfriend when she's been bad. The extra length fits the bill. Peerless is made in the U.S., carries a lifetime warranty, and is built solid. They're less expensive than S/W, although they lack their highly polished finish. Can't beat the value tho.

Very Solid

Review by Kametra K.
Verified Buyer

I've never bought handcuffs before, but these seem pretty solid. Love the double locking. They arrived pretty quickly. The packaging was alright. They were in great shape when I got them. No complaints. I'll probably never have to use them, but it's good to know that I have them.

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