Polish MP4 Gas Mask - Copy of the USGI M17 Gas Mask

Polish MP4 Gas Mask

The MP4 gas mask is a Polish army issued gas mask. Based on the successful US M17, the MP4 utilizes the same style of filter as the M17. By using the cheek filters the MP4 gas mask provides a wider field of view than more traditional gas masks like the Israeli M15.

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Description / Polish MP4 Gas Mask

The Polish MP4 gas mask is a close copy of the US M17, which was copied by several countries including Poland. Since the MP4 was based on the M17, most of the accessories for the M17 should work with the MP4.


  • Authentic Polish Army Gas Mask
  • Comes With Mask, and Carry Bag
  • Large Clear Lenses - Excellent Field of View
  • Speech Diaphragm - Easily Communicate While Wearing Mask
  • Six Point Adjustable Head Straps

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Brand Polish Army Surplus

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Customer Reviews

Don't buy for your personal use. The price can't be beat.
Review by Al
Verified Buyer
I have to say, this one is rough. The bag has a broken snap and has obviously been used. A name was written in the bag, and the mask looked as though it was set down on a hot stove element. So what do you expect? It's a collectible. It's a copy of the mask I wore over 30 years ago...(Too long ago) There is history with it. I never liked the M17 that I was issued and which is the basis of this mask. Changing the filters is impossible if you want to stay alive during a gas attack. Don't use this mask for anything other than your collection. You will never get a another piece of military history at this price though. I will recommend this mask ONLY AS A COLLECTIBLE.
Great Mask
Review by Rory
Verified Buyer
I got it for the shock value to wear out during this plandemic. It is perfect for this. Seals tight, looks goofy enough and scares the sh*t out of the sheep. This is collectors item, not something I would trust my life with. It is fifty years old and from the Eastern Block
As described
Review by Lovetoshoot
Verified Buyer
Just as described. Needed a little cleaning but not bad. Came with a carry bag and filters. Wore it in the stores and got some good reactions. Even had a couple ask where I got it as they were wanting something like it! I'm my opinion it's a lot better than the panti liners and pieces of useless fabric people are wearing.
No lens cover
Review by Ava amphibs
Verified Buyer
Well, mask looks ok but I was a bit surprised the mask did not come with eye lens protective covers as I've seen on YouTube reviews.I will try wearing after I soak them in dishwashing soap. I had purchased 2 mask.
Very high quality
Review by Tanner
Verified Buyer
I bought this when it was on sale for only 4 dollars. At $15, it is still an amazing deal. It was pleasantly surprising to find not only had my gas mask been issued previously, but there was writing in another language (presumably someone's name) on a piece of paper where somebody would put their name when it was issued to them. I put it on, and it fit very securely: no air could enter/escape except through the filter, which is exactly what you want in a gas mask. It also seemed to filter out any smells and contaminants that were used on it. Overall, I would recommend this gas mask not only for its insanely low price, but also for its great filtering capabilities, in any SHTF scenario. Only complaint: I still have yet to find filters for it.
What you see may not match what you get in the mail.
Review by Scott
Verified Buyer
The item received was covered in talcum powder which is good for long term storage. The item was obviously used but not abused. The item arrived with the filters installed already which were also covered in the talcum powder. The filters were not sealed up in the blue wrapper as shown in the pictures of the add. Keepshooting was notified and sent a return label. I had already cleaned up the mask and its accessories. Therefore, I will be keeping the mask for the historical value. Buyers beware the item received may not match the description. I attempted to install Czech m10 filters and they are not interchangeable. Item will still be an interesting find for the collector. Cheek filters masks are obsolete any ways.
Very good
Review by doug
Verified Buyer
A little bit chalky but will clean up easily. It still has a very good seal would well a SHTF scenario.

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