Polish Army NBC Gas Mask

The Polish MC-1 gas mask is a military surplus gas mask designed for the Polish land forces. Originally developed to protect troops from nuclear, biological, chemical and radioactive threats, these surplus masks are now available in the United States. These Polish gas masks feature design elements from the Czech and Israeli standard gas masks and are designed to use NATO standard 40mm gas mask filters.

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The Polish MC-1 Gas Mask is an authentic piece of Polish military surplus equipment. Each gas mask comes with the mask, carry bag, and 40mm gas mask filter which would make a complete set as issued to soldiers in the Polish land forces. These Polish gas masks are desired by collectors, fans of military surplus, and those seeking an inexpensive yet reliable mask for personal protection.

The MC-1 Gas Mask features several design elements from gas masks in the Czech Republic and Israel. With this borrowing of these key features, namely the 6-point adjustable head strap and speech diaphragm, soldiers in the Polish army were able to have a superior gas mask that afforded both protection and comfort. Recognizing the fact that gas masks can impair a soldiers visibility, the Polish army designed the MC-1 to have over-sized round eyepieces allowing for a superior field of vision over other military gas masks.

  • Authentic Polish Army Gas Mask
  • Uses NATO Standard 40mm Filters
  • Comfortable 6-Point Adjustable Harness
  • Integrated Speech Diaphragm
  • Includes Mask, Original Carry Bag, and Surplus Filter

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Brand Polish Army Surplus
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Customer Reviews

Very great product and excellent customer service.
Review by McCoy
Verified Buyer
The price of this mask was pretty good. Fits perfect and definitely worth it. Also very fast and nice customer service.
In good shape but very tight for larger man.
Review by JL
Verified Buyer
Good price. Bought 2. Masks in nice condition but too small for any comfort
on larger man (forget about wearing glasses). One of the filters had lost the
seal tape on threaded end. Since they are so inexpensive and were really
bought for short time use (get away from stray CS etc. protection) I can't
complain as it looks they will work ok for that.
Great Item and price!
Review by Bob
Verified Buyer
Great mask in perfect working condition. Fantastic price, Other vendors selling them for $35-$50.
Good Condition
Review by Dan
Verified Buyer
I got exactly what I ordered and it was in good condition. Problem is, conflicting information on whether or not this can properly use 40mm NATO filters, as they're meant for 40mm GOST. Whatever the case, a filter or hose adapter can be used.
Good quality Warsaw Pact Mask
Review by Steve-0
Verified Buyer
This is fine mask for what it is. New old stock, as best I can tell. It creates a proper seal around the face and has a nice creepy cold war vibe to it.
Great starter mask
Review by Luke
Verified Buyer
I think that it's a great starter mask, especially for those who are new to using gas mask & have not gotten formal training in the use of them.
Great mask and air tight
Review by Anthony
Verified Buyer
Ordered two masks tried them and they work perfectly, did a gas test and holds a tight seal with compromised rate of .02% (probably because of hair on face and head) Although I ordered two I recieved one that is a child's size so not sure if the rest of you should order one at a time to assure adult sizing.
Excellent value.
Review by Andrew
Verified Buyer
This was a very nice price for a good deal of product. It includes the mask's bag with Poland's signature "raindrop" camo pattern, instructions in Polish, and a little capsule with a cleaning cloth(at least, that's what I got). The seal could be a little sketchy and I'm looking into how safe the filter is to use, but it was completely sealed, which is great. Overall, I'm very surprised I got this at 5 dollars, and though it came a little dirty and it's not the highest quality mask you can get here, it has a very distinctive look that's great for costumes and is a good historical item with a lot of value in the little details.
Very cool piece of history
Review by AJ
Verified Buyer
I ordered two of these polish gas masks at under 5$ each. It was a great buy. They are in great shape and came with a surplus carry bag as well. There were also period instructions included as well. A very cool piece of history and a little insurance "just in case" as well.
Great mask for household tasks
Review by Dave
Verified Buyer
At this price I just bought another one. These are great for painting, etc. and other household jobs. I'm keeping one for just in case but hope to use others when mask is needed. As others have said, they have powder on them and lenses are dirty but after a good scrubbing, they are in great shape for whatever you need them for. Sure beats filter masks from your local hardware store when working with chemicals that you shouldn't be breathing. If KeepShooting puts cheap filters back on sale, I'll get more extras to swap these out. Get yours while you can!

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