Ruger BX-25 Magazine – Ruger Factory-Produced 25-Round Magazine for the 10/22

Ruger BX-25 10/22 Magazine

The Ruger BX-25 magazine is a Ruger factory high capacity magazine for the Ruger 10/22. With a capacity of 25 rounds, the BX-25 is an incredible improvement over the standard 10-round magazine that comes with the Ruger 10/22. Far from just a high capacity magazine, the BX-25 features the same legendary reliability as the original Ruger 10/22 magazine.

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Description / Ruger BX-25 10/22 Magazine

The Ruger BX-25 magazine is a Ruger factory-produced magazine for the 10/22 designed to hold 25 rounds of .22LR ammunition. It is built with the same materials and standards as the BX-1 10-round rotary magazine, putting it miles ahead of the aftermarket competition. Additionally, several features have been included that were designed to make it perform even better than the BX-1.

The most notable feature of the Ruger BX-25 magazine is the use of stainless steel for the feed lips. Many aftermarket magazines use plastic for the feed lips, which is susceptible to wear and does not typically hold up over time. Additionally, the feed lips are designed to present cartridges at a 30 degree angle for reliable feeds every time. The BX-25 magazine also utilizes a stainless steel, constant-force spring. This ribbon-like spring is designed to exert a constant force over a range of motion, which provides a consistent feed for every cartridge in the magazine. Both the anti-tilt follower and the magazine body are injection molded. The body may be easily disassembled for routine cleaning and maintenance by removing two hex-head screws.

  • Ruger Factory Magazine
  • 25-Round Capacity
  • .22lr Caliber 

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Manufacturer Ruger

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Customer Reviews

Amazing product didn’t cause any jams
Review by Seve
I’ve wanted these for a while, and I am delighted with them.
100% satisfied
Review by Sammy
I order this couple days ago it actually arrive it toke about a week to arrive but it did arrive I appreciate you keep shooting thanks ????
happy to receive
Review by out west
OEM product nothing better yet
Excellent price and qaulity
Review by Ryan
You can't beat the price for what you get. They feel very strong and have no issues. One of the best bang for buck mags out there.
Best 10/22 mags made
Review by RemMax
I have managed to acquire 6 of these now and all of them work flawlessly
Of all the high cap 10/22 mags i have tried these are the best of all of them
They fit feed and function flawlessly
I will be watching to pick up the last 4 of these I want to have for my collection. Best High Cap Mag for a 10/22 without a doubt!

Ruger BX-25 Mag
Review by Jill
Hands down the very best twenty-five round magazine you will find. If you can find one. Keepshooting has them in stock !!!! I can never have enough of these. Nice to see them not price gouging like some others still seem to be doing.
I agree, These are Long overdue!
Review by RemMax
I finally got one of these here last week and took it to the Range today.
Like all Ruger factory Mags it Fits, Feeds, and Functions beautifully.
I wish I could have bought 2 of them right then as 2 is my goal for these for now but hopefully people will soon realize the ban did not go through and things will get back to normal.
Meanwhile this mag is very well made, loads easily, fits in my gun Nicely and functions flawlessly! Why did Ruger wait so long to build these.
I also like that they are easy to disassemble for cleaning and because I use a Aftermarket stock that is tight in the mag well they are a lot easier to grasp to remove.
I have one of those old Houge Take Down Stocks, I wish they hadn't quit making them but Ruger makes a Take Down version of the 10/22 now so I may just have to pick up one of those later. My Houge stock the forearm swings down unlocking the barrel and I can swap between my .920 Bull Barrel and my .17 Aquila Barrel in a few seconds. The 17 Aquila is similar to the Hornady Mach2 but came out before the Mach2 did and you don't have to change your bolt and such to fire it.
I tried this mag with both calibers today and they both fed flawlessly.
Be glad when I can get another one for the Old Lady to use!
Good Mag, Good Quality, Fits, Feeds, and functions like a factory mag should. Definitely worth buying.
The absolute best Magazine for the Ruger 10-22
Review by Rich
If your not satisfied by 10 rounds and would like to be able to shoot your 10-22 for a few minutes before reloading you need a high capacity magazine. If your going to go with a hi cap magazine, you may as well get the best. The BX-25 is made by Ruger for the Ruger. The metal feed lips, in my opinion, along with it's design, are what makes this mag the best you can get for the 10-22. I have a custom stock that makes my 10-22 look like a HK G36 variant but the Promag magazines it uses are constantly causing feeding problems. You can look right at it and see it is not a well thought out design. I got 2 of the BX-25 mags after replacing every other part and the feeding problems are a thing of the past and it is now a reliable shooting rifle. If the Promag mags had metal feed lips instead of a wire and a bump to hold the rounds in, they may be okay, but I don't care anymore because as soon as I can find a couple more BX-25's, I will most certainly buy them.
These are the best 10/22 mags.
Review by Jose USMCR
I own two 10/22s and these are the best mags period. I have run butler creek and eagle brand mags in my 10/22s and have been disappointed. I have never had any problem with these. Just as reliable as the 10rd rotary mags. I own 2 and would like to buy a few more. Best mags for 10/22 or charger or lightning or anything that feeds out of that sort of mag.
Flawless performance by Ruger!
Review by Boyle
Loads easy, shoots smooth, what more could you ask for?

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