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Ruger LCP® 10-rd Magazine

The Ruger LCP 10-Round Magazine from ProMag Industries is a high-capacity magazine for the popular Ruger LCP pistol. Made in the USA and backed by ProMag's lifetime warranty, you can count on having more fun at the shooting range with this magazine and your Ruger LCP.

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Description / Ruger LCP® 10-rd Magazine

The Ruger LCP is one of the most popular pocket pistols ever made. With a slim profile and reliable performance, the LCP has become a favorite daily carry gun for millions of Americans. Just because you carry your LCP doesn't mean you can't have fun with it at the range, and this 10-round magazine from ProMag makes the LCP fun to shoot at the range.

  • High capacity magazine for the Ruger LCP
  • 10 Round Capacity
  • .380acp Caliber
  • Backed by ProMag Industries LIFETIME Warranty
  • Made in the USA 

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Manufacturer ProMag

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Good backup magazine
Review by Richard
The LCP is small and easy to conceal but the size limits the magazine capacity. The ProMag 10-round extended magazine helps remedy this.

The extended mag is not designed to replace the regular magazine since it extends well over an inch past the grips making concealment much more difficult. On the positive side it increases the hand grip surface. Carry the standard magazine as usual and the extended mag as backup.

I have practiced with this magazine for the past month and put about 100 rounds through it with no feeding issues.

A minor negative that I experienced was that the magazine needed to be seated smartly to lock in at first. There are small insertion limit tabs pressed out of the metal sides of the magazine. Repeated firm seating put two tiny dents in the rim of the polymer magazine well. The magazine now seats easily, has no wiggle and drops free upon release. (The LCP is designed so that a round in the magazine compresses the magazine feed spring. The magazine will not just fall but jump out of the well with rounds in the magazine.)

The only other minor negative is that the magazine has only 6 inspection holes cut into it. I drilled 4 more 1/8" holes so I can visually verify a full complement of 10 rounds. The magazine works fine without this--the additional inspection holes are simply personal preference. (Note: If you do this, disassemble the magazine, carefully mark the position of the 4 holes and drill SLOWLY to avoid deforming the magazine. Use a thin flat file to remove any burrs inside the magazine. The magazine feed block must slide up and down without catching. Clean, lubricate and reassemble.)

I am very pleased with the 10 round magazine. It works "as is" right out of the box but I gave it 4 stars on Quality because the seating wasn't perfect and I think it should come with 10 inspection holes.

"Having too much ammo is rarely a problem. Having too little ammo is always a problem."

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