Swedish Army Webbing

The Swedish Army Webbing is a military-spec roll of webbing that is 1" in diameter and 50 meters long. This webbing was used by the Swedish Army to create pack straps, tie downs, and field work. Virtually all units and divisions of the military had uses for this webbing as it is strong, durable, versatile, and easy to adapt to any purpose.

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  1. Swedish Army Webbing
  2. 1-Inch Wide Webbing
  3. 50 Meter Roll
  4. Olive Drab Green Color
  5. Surplus Unissued

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Customer Reviews

great value
Review by RM
Verified Buyer
When compared to other webbing material for value- this can't be beat. Strong and easy to work with.
Review by Raymond
Verified Buyer
As mentioned by everyone reviewing this nylon military grade webbing, your imagination is the only limiting factor in utilizing over 150 ft of 1 inch webbing.
Great value for the money. KS did well on this product!
There are so many uses for this high quality constructed webbing that it's not even funny. You're only limited by your imagination.
Review by Chris
Verified Buyer
There are so many uses for this high quality constructed webbing that it's not even funny. You're only limited by your imagination.
solid, tough webbing
Review by don
Verified Buyer
This stuff is very tough, strong webbing, effect for a myriad of applications for anyone who has ingenuity and is
If you make or modify things, don't pass this up.
Review by W Crow
Verified Buyer
This seems to be high quality nylon webbing at a great price. Whether adding buckles to make belts or straps or making belt danglers or anything a strong, relatively narrow webbing will fit, this is a great price. I generally use a Speedy Stitcher but I a strong machine could probably handle it. An awl will open a hole big enough for a copper rivet. If you want a super strong ridgeline under a tarp this would work, although a bit bulky to pack. Use your imagination!
Really good for DIY rigs
Review by Kevin
Verified Buyer
This stuff is excellent for repairing busted airsoft rigs. With a few metal components you could even build a custom rig. It's strong and sturdy, and the price is right.
1 Roll equals alot of value Just ask my friends.
Review by Don
Verified Buyer
I never paid my attention in math or I would have known that 50 meters is really 164 feet .wow , Now what to with the other 114 feet I didn't plan on. I bought paracord buckles and made equipment lashing straps that I gave to my friends. With some I bought plastic slides and made slings, several I attached some old duffle bag clips and made carriers for ammo cans. All in all I got a lot of use out of that roll... Thanks KS for another great value
Review by Gordon
Verified Buyer
Exactly what I was looking for. So many uses around the farm , home , and camp.

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