USGI M1951 Webbing - 55 Meters

The USGI M1951 Webbing is a giant 55-meter roll of Korean War-era military surplus webbing. This webbing was produced in 1950 to be used for supporting the needs of soldiers who were beginning to be called up for the Korean war. This webbing is made to Type III specifications and is color OD7 with a full two inch width making it ideal for creating authentic belts, slings, and tie downs.

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The USGI M1951 Webbing is an authentic USGI roll of webbing that was made in 1950. This webbing is one of the thickest rolls we have seen, as the width of the webbing is a full two inches. Soldiers would use this webbing to repair slings, belts, and create tie downs in the field with this roll of webbing being created to support the needs of soldiers heading into the Korean war.

Where this webbing will be essential is for creating or repairing Korean-war era belts, slings, packs, and tie-downs. With living history events and film productions requiring realism for things like field gear and uniforms, there is no substitution for 50+ year old cotton webbing. You will find this USGI marked webbing to be the very best for this type of work and no other substitute looks or performs as good.

  • Authentic USGI Webbing
  • Designated Webbing, Cotton, OD7, Type III, 2"
  • Made in 1950
  • 55 Meters, 2" WIde

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