Swedish Military Arm Splint

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The Swedish Military Arm Splint is a device that would be used by medics in the Swedish Military to treat soldiers with injured or broken arms. This simply device will provide a stabilizing support for the impacted arm and will allow it to be wrapped up prior to a cast being applied.

The basic principle of this arm splint is the same as all splints, with the idea being to immobilize the injured arm to ensure proper healing. Where this splint differs from most is the curvature for the wrist, palm, and fingers. This special feature will reduce pressure, strain, and fatigue for the injured soldier assisting with a speedier recovery with no long term impact.

When used with an ACE type bandage, this splint is ideal for quickly treating injuries that arise in the field. This splint is the kind of equipment you will want to ensure is available for any lengthy camping trips, hikes, or remote activities. The materials used to produce the splint are designed to be efficient and comfortable when in-use and you will not be able to fabricate an equivalent splint with the same features while in the field

  • Authentic Swedish Military Arm Splint
  • Available in Wood or Plastic
  • Ideal for Treating Arm Injuries in the Field
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