Swiss M70 Camo Field Jacket

Swiss M70 Camo Field Jacket

The Swiss M70 Camo Field Jacket is a military surplus jacket from the Swiss armed forces. If you wanted to sum up this jacket it would be heavy duty, tons of pockets, and very comfortable. With the Swiss Alpenflage camouflage pattern being popular for fall hunting season, we expect these jackets to be very popular sellers. Pick your size and we'll get it right out to you.

Description / Swiss M70 Camo Field Jacket

The Swiss M70 Field Jacket is a heavy weight jacket that comes to us from the Swiss army. With the Swiss Alps having very rugged terrain and weather, you can count on this Swiss M70 jacket to be able to handle any environment you put it in. With seven exterior and one interior pocket you will also have plenty of storage space for the gear that is essential for your daily life or hike in the back woods.

  • Integrated Hood - The hood on the M70 field jacket is quite unique. When not in use or needed it can be secured to the back of the field jacket to keep it out of the way. Further features of the hood include a securely stored camouflage veil that when the hood is up and being worn can completely cover your face to provide additional camouflage.
  • Water Proofing - The upper arms, shoulders, and neck are protected from water with an extra layer of water resistant material that has been sewn into the jacket at strategic points where water most frequently hits.
  • Interior Back Pocket - Large integrated interior back pocket, measuring approximately 7" x 20" that is a great place to keep documents, maps, or other gear that you need to protect and preserve.
  • Front Pockets - Total of four exterior front pockets, all of which are snap closures and have generous dimensions. Some of the pockets also have divided areas allow gear to be separated for protection and organization.
  • Interior Pocket - Left interior has a large zippered storage area for essential gear that is frequently used
  • Rear Pockets - Three large rear pockets at the base of the M70 Field Jacket can be used to store gear that you need to carry into the woods, but may not use every time you take a hike.
  • Drawstring Waist - You can cinch the M70 jacket using the integrated drawstring to get a desired fit. When it is wet and windy, a tighter fit may be desired. When the weather is dry and warmer a loose fitting M70 will be most comfortable.

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Manufacturer Swiss Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

GREAT jacket for a variety of uses
Review by Survivalism is Freedom
Great jacket for hiking, survival and everyday use. The unusual Alpenflage pattern sets this jacket apart from other camo jackets and is great for fall or winter. Plenty of good sized pockets allow you to carry more gear than a load bearing vest. The attachment points for a backpack are also handy. Some have sniper veils sewn into the hoods. Definitely an astounding value and also a real survival asset.
very high quality
Review by Mattu
This jacket couldn't be in better condition. I'm very impressed that I just got this for $10
one year later,
Review by jamie
in great condition. The waterproofing elbows have basically become scrap material, but otherwise not a single rip and or tear on this thing and i've abused the hell out of it. 5/5
Swiss army knife of jackets!
Review by John
Wow, all the other reviews hit the nail on the head! This jacket along with the m70Rucksack will make fall hunting in the upstate New York woods a pleasure! Get one, you will love it! Be prepared for the slightly short sleeves but the whole package makes it well worth the price. You may need a map to find items in the many, varied pockets, but have fun doing it!
Great quality jacket, great price, great service! AAA+
Review by hansV
A heavy duty, almost new looking, high quality jacket for an unbelievable low price.
Lots and lots of huge pockets. So if you like to snack while hiking or paint balling, you can stuff those pockets with all those goodies! I bought the the excellent rucksack that goes with the jacket as well as it is a perfect match!
Review by Steve
Going on a day tirip bushcraft or even longer this jacket is great for everything it would be smart to use the m70 rucksack
Well Made Garment
Review by Foy D
The jacket was clean, no quality issues, fit a 5'8" frame like a US Large, extremely functional with many pockets, appeared to have been through the laundry, once. Will layer this jacket with the Swiss M83. And arrived with fast shipping from Keep Shooting. I will shop again.
Wonderful Jacket
Review by Lee
This is the second one I have owned. The first was damaged by rodents while in storage. So I purchased a new one. The one I got was brand new! You can carry a ton of stuff in the pockets of this jacket. One small concern is the short sleeve but it is far outweighed all the features of the jacket.
Good jacket with more pockets than you will ever need
Review by Seth
I have seen these sold for $100 at a surplus store before.
These jackets have about 15 pockets, including on some models a "secret" zippered pocket in the lower back (which may actually be for a ballistic plate? not sure...)

Either way, buy this for the $11 and tear off the plastic patches for an AWESOME jacket.
Lots of pockets
Review by Kenneth
Received my jacket today. I'm 6 foot, 170 lbs. It fit me well. My only concern was the sleeves were a tad short, but this being a fall/winter coat my Swiss wool gloves (another KeepShooting purchase) will fill in the sleeves nicely. Appears new and unissued. Made of heavy fabric with lots of huge pockets. I can use this jacket along with the matching M70 rucksack to carry enough gear to spend a couple of nights primitive camping. Thanks again KeepShooting!
Best $10.90 you'll ever spend.
Review by joe
Warm, tough, and with enough pocket space to replace a backpack. Don't even think about this one, just buy it.
Great and unusual
Review by Bill
Very nice parka and in good condition. Many pockets all around front and back for all the essentials. Nice large hood with a hidden face veil for more concealment if needed. Fit is very good according to sizes listed. All this at a price that is perfect.
Tons of Pockets
Review by CaptMike
Great cotton camo jacket if you need gobs of pockets. Only drawback is that this thing isn't the slightest bit weather/rain resistant. Mine was maybe issued once but no visible wear. Did lose a button straight out of the package, but otherwise good quality.
Amazing Quality and Price
Review by Ian
I already love this thing. I'm a much smaller person, and this fits just fine (I ordered a medium). It doesn't even look like it's been worn! The pattern isn't faded at all, all snaps and zippers work fine. The built in vail is pretty sweet as well. More pockets than you'll ever use, and when paired with the rucksack, you can carry even more! It has a nice weighty feel to it, and is very warm. The pattern and style could even pass for some kind of stylish hipster jacket!
Review by Glen
Well built, many pockets,unusual camo pattern, but really "heavy" piece of gear.
Great camo coat for the price
Review by matt
I purchased this coat for a gift .When I opened the box the first thing I saw was the unique camo patterns this coat is in top notch quality.You don't find this quality form the Big chain stores .The coat that I ordered was is in mint condition and theres even a camo face Vail lined in the Hood of the coat along with unlimited supply of pockets .Lets just say this gift was a hit and at under 11 bucks a no Brainer great quality coat for an excellent price .
Awesome jacket, for short fat people.
Review by James
Love the quality and style of the jacket, new in the pack from the look and smell. Sadly at 6'5", 215 lbs on the Xl size I have a couple inches of wrist showing when I put my arms out straight. So tall or longer armed folks beware. The arms have gaiters inside that keep wind out of your sleeves similar to some motorcycle jacket but they can be unsnapped so they'll relax when you drop your arms. The jacket has a ton of high quality bronzed metal fasteners which make some noise when moving, thankfully no Velcro. I gave it to my youngest son and he really likes it and plans on wearing it to school in the fall.

Oh yeah, the ruck that goes with the jacket is pretty cool, snaps on place at the top and needs tied at the bottom. Not sure how ergonomic it'll be but it fits the jacket well.
love Swiss gear
Review by don
This awesome jacket is built like all Swiss gear, rugged like it is meant to last a lifetime. It makes a perfect survival jacket, as it has so many pockets you would hardly need a pack. It even has a attachment for the small pack that is also for sale here so you can load everything you need to go out in the wild.
Awesome jacket, Great price!!
Review by Charlie
This jacket is a hoot!! So many pockets and much more heavier material then I was expecting. For sizing, I ordered an XL and have plenty of room. I am around 5'9"/190 lbs. And I have enough room in it to wear more then just the basics underneath it, if I need to. What I really liked about this jacket was the hood. You can get lost in it if you really needed to cover up. For $10, you won't regret having one around.
Cargo space.
Review by Cyrus
This jacket is has more pockets than any other I have seen. The jacket appeared to be unused, and is of good quality. The sleeves are a little short, so prospective buyers may want to consider the next size up from what he or she usually wears.
A LOT of Jacket for little price
Review by Justin
This jacket came in perfect condition. It has so many pockets that it took me about 15 minutes to take it all in. This would be an excellent hunting jacket or jacket to wear in the woods when you need to pack a lot of stuff. Because it has so many pockets, you will look like a tool if you just want to wear this casually "about town". Quality vs. price is unmatched. Has a waterproof liner kind of things in the interior shoulder and a hidden interior pocket on the backside/inside of jacket. Also a zippered interior pocket. Only real complaint is that the jacket (I ordered an XL) is short/zipper starts at about your belly button and the sleeves are on the short side. Again, a functional jacket if you need for hunting or paintball, but not to wear casually. For $10 I suggest picking one up if you need one...Thanks KeepShooting!!
Pockets for days
Review by Logan
I love this jacket. There are so many pockets that you don't even need a backpack or daypack with it. Large pockets, small pockets, medium pockets etc. Nice sized hood too. One small knock is the length of the jacket. I ordered a medium, my fault, should have gotten a large. Arm length and width of jacket are perfect but the length is a bit short for someone 5'10". The pattern is a little different, but actually works pretty well in certain seasons.

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