Swiss Water Bag (Black) – Holds 20 Liters (5 Gallons) of Water

Swiss Water Bag (Black)

The Swiss water bag is a military surplus item used for storing and dispensing up to 20 liters of water (or just over 5 gallons). The plastic spigot makes dispensing water quick and easy in any situation, including: emergencies, camping, hiking or any other outdoor activity.
Color Black

Description / Swiss Water Bag (Black)


  • Swiss Army Water Bag
  • Holds 20L (5+ Gallons) of Water
  • Easy Dispensing Faucet
  • Can Be Hung at Campsite

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Manufacturer Swiss Army Surplus

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Customer Reviews

If you don't want to spend top dollar for a water container or bladder then this is the next best thing in terms of price and quality. Quality wise, this is the best water bag I have ever used, bar none.
Review by Chris
If you don't want to spend top dollar for a water container or bladder then this is the next best thing in terms of price and quality. Quality wise, this is the best water bag I have ever used, bar none.
Heavy duty rubber water bladder was an excellent purchase
Review by Eric
I bought 4 of these when they were on sale a couple years ago. After having them this long I'm still very pleased. These are as rugged as possible and would cost easily 4x or 5x as much new retail...If you could find. They do add a rubber taste but there are products that can be added to clean and help to mitigate this. Also useful as a pillow when filled with air. Highly Recommended.
Holding tank!
Review by boB
In great heavy duty condition. Heavy build quality and a lot of capacity.
"Car camping" shower and dirty dish cleaning unit.. It's large and in charge.
This just needs a spray adapted end fitting and you are in business.
Emergency Water for Days!
Review by Edwin
Bought one of these a while back, I really like it, I planned to use it for rucking but I realized how heavy it got filled with water and I immediately opted for weights. It carries a TON of water and is easily transportable, just not if you're not used to carrying this weight. Wouldn't attach it to a pack, would keep this in a truck, just make sure it isn't leaky, some of them need some work on the cap. Emergency water for days!
Good quality
Review by Chad
Love it. Use it for drinking water, and as a make shift shower when we are camping
Best choice for water at camp
Review by Steve
Bought 1 and used it camping after Thanksgiving. Hung it from those curved garden post hangers and used 2 because it's heavy full It was nice to have it a little bit away from cooking area and the water spout keeps the area from getting soggy. Will get 1 more at least. The smell is easy to take care of, just fill it with water and put about 8 Efferdent tablets in side and shake it up a bit for 1-2 days them empty and rinse.
Ideal camping water container
Review by Josh
The Swiss sure know how to make great gear and this water bag is no exception! Heavy duty, solid design makes this the ideal bag for holding water for camping/bugging out. The only drawback is the smell - like a used tire store! Once you get rid of that, it's good-to-go!
Going to be useful!
Review by Kyle
Basically brand new, smelling like a new tire.
Have some soapy water sitting inside it right now to try to overcome the rubber smell. I sure dont want my water tasting like it. I plan to make a basecamp water filter system using this bag. Should work great for anything I decide to do with it.
Great item to have. Fantastic price.
Review by John
The price is fantastic considering the quality of the product. It can be rolled up for camping and serves a great purpose.
Fantastic price and high quality product.
Review by Jake
Mine came in perfect condition and I couldn't be happier with the price and the quality of the water bag. The handles are solid and the walls are thick with well sealed edges. Easily rolled up for outdoor activities or emergencies.

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