Swiss Water Bag (Black)

The Swiss water bag is a military surplus item used for storing and dispensing up to 20 liters of water (or just over 5 gallons). The plastic spigot makes dispensing water quick and easy in any situation, including: emergencies, camping, hiking or any other outdoor activity.

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  • Swiss Army Water Bag
  • Holds 20L (5+ Gallons) of Water
  • Easy Dispensing Faucet
  • Can Be Hung at Campsite
More Information
Overall Rating
Review by Jeramiah F.
This Water Bag is excellent. Would recommend.
Overall Rating
<p>Neat product</p>
Review by Hyun P.
<p>These are made well and work as advertised! I will be purchasing more!</p>
Overall Rating
<p>Small opening, difficult to fill.</p>
Review by Raetta P.
<p>+ Adequate size<br />+ Two handles, necessary with this large size and weight.<br />+ Probably durable<br />+ Reasonable price<br /><br />– Small opening, very slow to fill.</p>
Overall Rating
<p>NOT new</p>
Review by Yves A.
<p>Item advertised as 'NEW'... not the case. Still a good item, but it has been previously used.</p>
Overall Rating
<p>Makes water taste like rubber</p>
Review by Janeeka O.
<p>Makes my drinking water taste like rubber</p>
Overall Rating
Review by Parrish Q.
<p>I realise that this is military surplus, however, you would think that it would be tested before selling. I was planning on using this as a fresh water source for my campervan. When I first saw it, I thought it would be perfect for my application. (Having only 60 sq ft to work with, space is a premium.) After I hooked up the pump, I decided to fill the bag and connect the plumbing. It worked like a charm, except for the growing puddle on the carpet of the van. This would have been perfect had the bladder not had a split in one of the seams. Since I modified the spout to accept a hose, I'm sure the replacement is null and void. I may try to fix it with a tire patch.</p>
Overall Rating
<p>Five Stars</p>
Review by Tamia D.
<p>excellent product very good quality</p>
Overall Rating
<p>which is great. I would buy more in the future</p>
Review by Maegan V.
<p>This is waaaaaay burlier than I expected it to be, which is great. I would buy more in the future.</p>
Overall Rating
<p>While other folks fight over bottled water during a hurricane ...</p>
Review by Isaih R.
<p>While other folks fight over bottled water during a hurricane, we just fill these up real quick. No worries in our house.</p>
Overall Rating
<p>Excellent product</p>
Review by Charrie U.
<p>Very impressed with the amount of water this bag will hold. Way easier to store water in this bag vs the water jugs of this size. I know I have them both. :) Super easy to stow away when not needed, solid sturdy construction. Handles on both sides make it easier to carry the water when loaded up. Definitely a must for emergencies or preppers. Good buy.</p>
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