Tropical Camo Field Cap with Flap

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The Tropical Camo Field Cap with Neck Flap is a sporting hat by Mil-Tec of Germany. Taking influence from the German Army tropical camouflage field cap, the designers at Sturm produced this modern baseball cap style hat. With the wide brim and fold down neck flap for added protection from the sun, these caps are great for the hot and sunny days of Summer.

The German Army produced a field cap for their soldiers that was very similar to this field cap by Mil-Tec. What Mil-Tec has done is taken the general concept, camouflage pattern, and design theory and applied it to a civilian sporting cap. What this resulted in was a military style cap that has all of the comforts that a civilian baseball cap would have.

What these field caps have over a standard baseball cap is the unique camouflage pattern and the inclusion of a stowable neck flap. When the sun is out and really beating down on you, the neck flap that comes with this hat will be truly appreciated. For times when the sun is not as extreme, you can flip the flap up into the hat and the cap takes on an appearance of a modern baseball cap.

  • New Designed Hat by Mil-Tec
  • German Tropical Camouflage Pattern
  • Stowable Neck Flap - Extra Sun Protection
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