11-Function Stainless Steel Survival Pocket Tool

With so much Functionality in one Pocket-sized Device, this 11-IN-1 Survival Tool can be used anytime, anywhere—while camping, Hiking, biking, at School, at Work, at Home, with all Sorts of Activities and Situations. For your Convenience, Simply Attach this Tool onto a Jump/key/split ring, lanyard, etc. By using the small keychain hole (located in the corner) or you can take advantage of its credit card size and keep this tool inside your pocket, wallet, emergency/survival kit, wherever you may need it!

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  1. 11-Function Stainless Steel Survival Pocket Tool
  2. Made from Stainless Steel
  3. Includes Fitted Leatherette Carrying Case
  4. UPC: 706569050561
11-Function Stainless Steel Survival Tool - Hero
11-Function Stainless Steel Survival Pocket Tool - Features and Details
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Overall Rating
Review by Keepshooting Customer
I really like this. It fits on my car keys and is really helpful for opening jars. I got this to keep on my keys, because I like to make stuff and break stuff, so this will come in handy for opening the various jars that contain whatever odd chemical or materials I need to do my next project. I don't know how sharp the blade is or how sturdy the other parts are, but I like the convenience.
Overall Rating
... in a cheap package for the items included in it so I was pleased. Also this came very quickly so thats
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Its a cheap package for the items included in it so I was pleased. Also this came very quickly so thats always a bonus! Would recommend to anyone
Overall Rating
Great Little Pocket Tool
Review by Keepshooting Customer
I purchased this small, handy, multifunctional pocket tool to keep with me at all times, and I have found it very useful for many everyday chores. I am a pretty handy person, but not the greatest with knives, screwdrivers, or measuring tape, and I don't want to be without them. This tool makes it possible to have a screwdriver, knife, ruler, and wrench all in a small and easy to carry place. I have had it in my pocket for about a month now, and so far it has been indispensable. The little folding saw blade and bottle opener have been a great help when opening a beer, or getting through those thin, stubborn parts of a bottle lid. The flathead screwdriver is also great, as long as you aren't in a hurry. While it works well enough, I don't think I would try using it to tighten anything too important. I have been trying to keep it with me at all times, and so far it has not failed me. There are some things that I haven't used yet, but they will probably come in handy when I need them. The lanyard hole in the handle is too small for my key ring, but I don't mind because it keeps the tool securely in my pocket. All in all, I would recommend this little tool to anyone. It is well made, handy, and a great deal for the price. You will be happy you bought it. UPDATE: Since my original review, the carabiner broke on the lanyard that is supposed to keep the tool from falling out of my pocket. Now I have to find another way to carry it.
Overall Rating
Cool and convenient
Review by Keepshooting Customer
My boyfriend and I both got one of these to put in our cars. It fits nicely in a pocket and has come in handy many times already. I think I have mine stuck to my bracelet now so it is always with me. You can see the edge getting a little worn, but it still does its job well. It doesn't feel cheap at all. It feels like good metal and it seems well-made. You can definitely see that it was mass-produced, though. It has number markings all over it. Not that that bothers me, but it is an FYI. It's just a cool thing to have. If you're in an emergency, it's awesome. Otherwise, it just hangs out in your glove compartment. The quality of this makes it worth $2. The only negative I can say about it is that sometimes the knife comes loose. I had to fix it a few times.
Overall Rating
Review by Keepshooting Customer
If you carry a purse, this is the perfect little tool to keep on you. This is a small piece of metal, but very functional. The little metal square folds out to a nice sturdy size that you can use for several purposes, and it is small enough to be unobtrusive. I've only had it for a couple of weeks, but I've already found myself looking for it to use it several times. I bought this because my boyfriend's dad recommended it to me. He carries one in his wallet and I thought it would be a good gift for him. I decided to get one for myself too. If I can make use of it and I think I will, I'll be back to leave another positive review. But so far, it's been great! I've used it as a tiny, sharp pair of scissors, used the blade to cut off a piece of plastic packaging, used the can opener to open a can of black beans (this is my emergency stash in case of emergency), used the knife edge to cut off the can lid, used the knife blade to scrape something, used the ruler as a measure, used the straight edge as a razor, and a dozen other little things that would normally require more tools than this to accomplish. So if you're thinking about buying one, don't think twice!
Overall Rating
Love the pocket multitool!
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Bought this as a "survival" type thing and I was wrong. This thing is more for when you need a level or ruler or have two Phillips bits and want to attach them. I love it. I always want a sharp knife and some type of ruler on me, but never have a pocket to put them in. I'm also cheap, so I hate buying a full set of ruler, level, square, screwdriver (F you torx! What a stupid name) a tiny little blade and a wrench. I like to keep everything I own and buy a ton of multi tools, a little frustrating. The screwdrivers are the best on the market for this size of a multi tool, the Phillips flathead is a flat bust though and they didn't need a good profile pic for it because noone will use it for looks anyway. But it works and is cheap enough to get another when I misplace this one and I have other toolsets for the heavy hitting multi tools I keep on my utility belt. For under a dollar I'm super happy and it gets two guns! One on my web belt next to a lighter and cash (dude if you get mugged don't try and run man you have the power of your lighting on your utility belt to distract them) one on my to work on any jank they find! Shut up and take my money I'm poor though! Oh my toxic woman screams that one! ????! Get in this for being poor! The blade looks pretty good too! Good enough for cutting something for me but it also is pretty useful in place of my wire strippers! Holds in my pocket better than my multi-tool wallet.
Overall Rating
The advertised “sharpening stone” on the bottom is useless
Review by Keepshooting Customer
While the "Sharpening Tool" and ruler/hook were handy to have as emergency backup items (it never hurts to have a spare of anything in the event of damage or loss), the advertised “sharpening stone” on the bottom is utterly useless, not sharp at all, and does not engage with the teeth of a screwdriver, therefore making the whole tool worthless. Otherwise, I think the idea of the tool itself is great. Just not impressed with the sharpening stone, which seems completely nonfunctional.
Overall Rating
Pretty handy. But. Very thick. And pointless. Don't waste your $2.
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Thin, fairly strong. Hole to string through it or carry as necklace/whatever. Cuts decently for its thickness, as a back-up. But the knife edge isn't the kind that's nice and sharp right out of the packaging. There are screwdrivers and bottle openers and some other things on there. They aren't worth using unless you're having trouble prying off a piece of pizza, maybe. And those are already on most phones, too. I like how the edges don't dig into my skin when I put it in my wallet and then my keys. I like how it's small and unobtrusive and yet seems sturdy enough that I'm comfortable throwing it in a zipper pocket or a side pouch of my bag and forgetting about it. It's also not heavy, or heavy enough to really notice. But I do kind of dislike the kind of feel to the surface of it. It doesn't feel smooth, and it's got a little bite to it. It feels as if the cardboard might have been rough-edged or oily. I would've returned it, but I don't want to take up another spot in my wallet for something else. And there are worse things to carry in a pocket. There are better tools, too. But it does seem to be well-made. The shape of the card doesn't make me want to eat anything off of it, which was my other concern. So. Overall, I think it's worth the $2. I think I would've paid a little more for something with a better-feeling surface, and also maybe something a little more durable, and maybe with a slightly thinner, less heavy, thinner card. But it's sturdy enough, not unattractive to carry around, cheap enough that if it gets destroyed, it won't break my heart.
Overall Rating
Nice little gadget
Review by Keepshooting Customer
This thing has more uses than I can count on one hand! It's very small and compact but still has all of the tools you need in case of emergency.
Overall Rating
Great little tool
Review by Keepshooting Customer
I bought this as a gift for my dad and he loves it! He carries it in his wallet all the time now.
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