The AR-15 Lower Receiver Vice Block from AIM Sports is an essential tool to have for working on your AR-15 lower receiver. Once inserted into the magazine well of your lower receiver, the bottom portion of the vice block will them be exposed. This exposed area of the vice block can then be inserted into your work bench vice allowing for a solid grip on your lower. No need to worry about scratching or damaging your lower if you use this vice block.

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One of the most popular activities in the firearms community is assembling your own AR-15 from a lower receiver and parts kit. Once you have assembled your first AR-15 lower you will recognize a need for specalized tools like this vice block when it comes to installing parts like the bolt hold open assembly. Unless you have three hands, you'll realize the value of this vice block with the first AR-15 lower you assemble using it to secure your lower in a bench vice.

Far from only being useful during assembly of a new lower, this vice block is great for cleaning and maintenance tasks. Need to remove your rifle stock to switch it out? Easier job when you can place your lower securely and safely into a bench vice with this vice block. How about upgrading your trigger group to a competition grade trigger set? No worry with this vice block you will gain a "third hand" by being able to use your bench vice to stabilize your lower for this task.

  • Made from Durable Polymer
  • Backed by AIM Sports Lifetime Warranty

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