Chinese Type-56 Chest Bandolier

The Chinese Type-56 chest bandolier is an authentic piece of Chinese military surplus that is in excellent condition. With three main pouches, it is designed to carry three 30-round magazines for the Chinese Type-56, a Chinese copy of the AK-47. Style May Vary From Picture

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Color Green



  • Chinese Type-56 Chest Bandolier
  • Holds Three AK-47 Magazines
  • Original Chinese Military Surplus
  • Combat Tested and Battle Proven Design

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Brand Chinese Army Surplus
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Customer Reviews

Great but not for combat
Review by Eric
Verified Buyer
Honestly I bought this as more of a novelty item don't think I'm ever going to really take it out but for the price its really quite nice. Mags fit perfectly and condition was great for surplus very minimal wear. Would've liked to have a little bit more adjustment in it but for the price and novelty factor its a good buy. As always KS shipped fast and well packaged.
Bargain Price, Top Shelf Quality
Review by Jonathan
Verified Buyer
I've had my chest rig for a few months now and have used it quite a bit. I have had no problems with it and its my primary Akms chest rig. By far the best bang for your buck when it come to AK chest rigs.
Excellent surplus vest
Review by josh
Verified Buyer
Stitching is what you would expect from a Chinese military item, but it is solid. Material is heavy canvas. My example looked to be new - no stains or tears.

Shoulder straps are attached to D rings via a simple hitch knot, and are made of heavy canvas. The waste strap is thinner material, and simply ties behind the back.

The mag pouches are properly sized for standard 30 round steel military magazines, and the utility pouches on the sides are perfectly sized for a number of small items - one of them has interior organizing loops to hold the oiler bottle and but stock cleaning kit (excellent for my under folder).

The wood toggles on all the pockets are strange at first, but they fold the flaps closed very securely - and with a few attempts, you can learn to use them quickly enough. After a few attempts, I was able to use them with shooting gloves on.

Value and durability are very high for this item. Utility is very good. I will likely buy a few more in the future.
Better than I expected
Review by Jonathan
Verified Buyer
In great condition, sturdy, easily adjustable, and my AK mags fit in it perfectly, great price too!
me like it
Review by powderbob
Verified Buyer
Nice, brand new look like, chinese military surplus item with good price here at KeepShooting.Very good for AK style Mags,Accessories etc.Buy it 'till is in stock.
Great inexpensive gear!
Review by Jose USMCR
Verified Buyer
Purchase it for my boy to play airsoft. Not as nice as a Blackhawk rig but for $15 bucks you cant beat it. This can be used to supplement your armor. Stick some loaded AK mags in it and you have a bit more protection. Very easy to adjust. Buy it.
Chinese Bandolier
Review by J.
Verified Buyer
I use this to hold AK47 magazines and works fine. You will be hard pressed to find a better deal than this.
Great chest rig.
Review by Joseph
Verified Buyer
This works perfectly for 7.62x39 magazines and SKS clips. Not so well for 7.62x54r magazines, but Mosin Nagant clips can still fit nicely.

Great quality for the low price. I don't think this thing will break any time soon, so I'll be comfortable using it often.
Nice deal.
Review by Brian
Verified Buyer
For sixteen dollars, this is all you really need to hold your magazines and other must have range gear. I've spent ten times this on other "tactical" rigs, but they pretty much do the same as this one does. Mine was in excellent condition. If you don't want to spend a lot on a chest rig, consider this an option.
Great Stuff
Review by Cody
Verified Buyer
This is a great product, I watched several reviews on this product on YouTube before I bought it. Trust me the Chinese don't play around when it comes to their military, this is good quality stuff.

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