Cold Steel Bolo Machete

Cold Steel Bolo Machete

The Cold Steel Bolo Machete is a modern take on the classic Asian machete. Designed to have a wide point that shifts the weight forward on the chopping motion, you will be able to make quick work of anything standing in your way with this Bolo Machete. Included with each Bolo Machete is a proper sheath that can be used to safely store and transport the machete.


Description / Cold Steel Bolo Machete

The Cold Steel Bolo Machete is the workhorse machete you've always wanted. Well made and capable of long heavy duty sessions in the brush you will find the Bolo Machete by Cold Steel is what you've wanted from your Machete. Tough, durable, and all business with the ability to cut down or through anything that stands in your way. The Bolo Machete is what you'd expect from Cold Steel and nothing less - the toughest, meanest, and most effective machete you can find at a great price.

  • Authentic Machete Design
  • Made by Cold Steel
  • Includes Sheath

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Manufacturer Cold Steel
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