Cold Steel Bolo Machete

The Cold Steel Bolo Machete is a modern take on the classic Asian machete. Designed to have a wide point that shifts the weight forward on the chopping motion, you will be able to make quick work of anything standing in your way with this Bolo Machete. Included with each Bolo Machete is a proper sheath that can be used to safely store and transport the machete.

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The Cold Steel Bolo Machete is the workhorse machete you've always wanted. Well made and capable of long heavy duty sessions in the brush you will find the Bolo Machete by Cold Steel is what you've wanted from your Machete. Tough, durable, and all business with the ability to cut down or through anything that stands in your way. The Bolo Machete is what you'd expect from Cold Steel and nothing less - the toughest, meanest, and most effective machete you can find at a great price.

  • Authentic Machete Design
  • Made by Cold Steel
  • Includes Sheath

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Customer Reviews

Great Bolo!
Review by Arvis S.
Verified Buyer
I grew up in a rainy valley on the windward side of Oahu, Hawaii. Out there, we mainly used 2 kinds of machetes - cane knives and bolos. Both have heritages in Hawaii that can traced back to the sugar cane industry (cane knives) as well as Filipino immigration (bolos). I am comfortable and happy with both having used them for the tasks each were designed for. Given this, I’ve developed a strong affinity to these machete types and am not nearly as comfortable using Latin machetes that are most commonly found on the market in the US.

I already had a Brazilian Tramontina cane knife and a South African Cold Steel Heavy Machete (in a cane knife format), so wanted to round out my quiver with a bolo machete as well. I really like my Cold steel heavy chopper so ordered a Cold Steel bolo I found on sale on KeepShooting. Upon arrival, I was pleasantly surprised to find a very serviceable sheath included despite the description making clear one is not included - super bonus!

Pros: Perfect length for a bolo (18” blade); I love the forward balance of the power-inducing tip bulge; a good blend of toughness and hardness from the properly heat treated 1055 carbon steel; durable handle material with ergonomic shape for multiple hand sizes; and I like the semi-rigidity but somewhat lightness of the 2mm thickness for a long blade that is meant for all day work.

Cons: Arrived with a painted over edge that was practically non-existent requiring 1hr+ with a bastard file and ax sharper to get a proper edge; and a handle texture that is oddly slippery but rough at the same time needing an overwrap of some sort (I used a bicycle inner tube).

Once I had the bolo set up to my liking, including a lanyard, I tested it out. It was pretty good cutting up a hard, dead, dried out lemon tree (held an edge and didn’t roll or chip), but not as good as my heavy chopper (no surprise there). However, this bolo tore into grass, reeds and light shrubbery like freakin’ demon, totally awesome!!! My super light Tramotina is good for all day light duty work, but the bolo is not bad for long periods either and can take out a much wider range of foliage with no problem.

All and all, I really love this bolo and it takes me back to clearing patches of jungle for flower beds as a kid in Hawaii. Despite some finishing and edge issues out of the box, it’s a really good bolo design and I highly recommend it if you are willing to put a little work into it. Chop, chop, chop!
Bonus sheath but....
Review by Tae M.
Verified Buyer
Well its a good weight good build however Mine never got fully edged its stamped but not beveled luckily I have the workshop to do this but if you didn't have the tools then you've got a useless piece of steel so be prepared just in case I guess.
Hack away!!!
Review by Tamecka O.
Verified Buyer
This thing is awesome for the money, and just in general. Hack away at anything!!
Not good for sustained use
Review by Sumaiya Q.
Verified Buyer
Ok, if you are knocking down brush on firebreak road or some other slightly overgrown trail. If you are making a new trail, you'll grow to hate this thing. Here's why.
Cheap steel, needs sharpening frequently.
Handle is hard on hands, you feel every impact in your wrist.
Need gloves as the no slip grip only succeeds in being abrasive to skin during sustained use.
Came dull as a butter knife, had to spend 30 min or so time with lansky sharpening stone to get it to a point where it didn't bounce off vines.
Would buy again .nos
Review by Wynette E.
Verified Buyer
Super nice bolo . Mine is very sharp .great survival tool.grip is it
Great blade, cheap handle
Review by Kimala D.
Verified Buyer
This machete is great for the price. The blade is thick enough to cut through any brush and small trees. Even when whacked against the side of a bigger tree the blade was fine. The handle is the only downside, it’s just some simple plastic. I plan to make my own scales to add to it and have a great machete.
Great for clearing overgrown blackberry growth.
Review by Chalene U.
Verified Buyer
This has good weight with a nice balance,very easy to use and very versatile. The blackberries had grown about 6' high in an open field and I was easily able to clear it down to the dirt. This also takes out 1 1/2" maple branches in a single swipe with 2 hands. 3"branches takes a few cuts. I keep it sharp with just a 4" angle grinder. It may seem heavy for a machete but it's a lot easier to carry this up a ladder than most power tools and can do a lot of light duty work,quickly. The soil is extremely rocky and it does ding the edge but,like I said,it's an easy fix. Excellent tool and got 2 friends to get these for yard work,they like it too!
Cheapest for a reason
Review by Ramon B.
Verified Buyer
This is a terrible tool.
The handle is aggressively textured, and forbids use without gloves. Even with gloves, it wears them out quickly.
The steel is far too soft, I'm not sure if it's not hardened of if it's just bad steel. The edge rolls quickly on even the lightest use, and with moderate use the edge looks like summer teeth. It quickly becomes as effective to cut with the back of the blade as the front.
This machete has no valid purpose other than to make a bad name for cold steel.
The Ontario is just a few dollars more, but light years better.
Best machete I've had in quite a while.
Review by Monte D.
Verified Buyer
Best machete I've had in quite a while.
Even though I had to even up the edge but I put my own edge on my machetes anyway.
Review by Srinivas U.
Verified Buyer
You are getting a pretty darn good machete for a pretty decent price holds an edge quite well and very comfortable in the hand. The no sheath aspect of things is no problem gives a person an opportunity to make one of their own to their own likings.
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