Woodman's Pal Classic Machete

The Woodman's Pal is a classic machete that is widely considered to be the world's finest land clearing tool. Handcrafted in Pennsylvania to the original Mil-Spec "LC-14-B" which has set the standard for this machete since World War II. Settle for nothing less than the perfect tool, the Woodman's Pal which will provide you with a lifetime of service in the field or around the homestead.

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  • Woodman's Pal Classic Machete
  • Perfectly Balanced for an Efficient, Accurate and Comfortable Swinging Motion
  • Unique Foward Weight Blade
  • Handcrafted in Pennsylvania to Mil-Spec LC-14-B Standard
  • 10.5" Black Powder Coated 1075HC Steel Blade
  • Blade Features 2.5" Chisel Sharp Sickle Hook
  • Ash Wood Finger Grooved Handle
  • Family Heirloom - Built for a Lifetime
  • Lifetime Warranty and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed by Woodman's Pal
  • UPC: 859874005525

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Customer Reviews

Handier than you think. (A bit large in hand, good to go)
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Verified Buyer
So you can saw, hack and you can hold a glass, bottle etc while doing all that. And there's room to tie a couple items to the sheath so there's a bit more utility in there than you might at first realize. Great for garden work or cutting brush, with just a touch of that survival tool feel if you like that. Or good for the zombie-apocalypse in the right neighborhood if so inclined... This is actually not bad as an urban tool to keep in the garage and leave it there when you're going out to garden, work on the lawn or such in that context. It's better at the "heavy work" end of the "garden tool" continuum and might make light work of some garden cleanup you might do on a fairly dense 3/4 acre lawn. (Lawnmower couldn't do the corner between the trees and behind the outbuilding where there's plenty of tall weeds but not quite jungle, though a light trimming job on that could have been accomplished by the riding lawnmower, if you wanted to use it that way.) You might think twice about doing that if it was something more like tall dry weeds but there's still not really enough grass for it, the outbuilding shadows it too much and would have created a mess on the already pretty dense, very shady and wooded property. For heavier, smaller shrubs it did a very acceptable, respectable if unspectacular, enough-for-lawn trimming job, as you'd hope it would for $100ish (and you get a saw too, the main thing you might really use with it on brush) On heavier, denser small trees or bigger brush, a regular bow saw or chainsaw or even hand-pruners might be better for any use you have for it, if not you could probably hack it out and just put it on the compost pile but as an emergency backup it does ok and I wouldn't mind keeping it around. The "saw teeth" on the cutting end can be used in some contexts, like cutting some lengths of smaller brush that you can brace
Sharp blade but a lot to ask of one man.
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Verified Buyer
Well made product that has a nice, sharp blade. My main gripe with the tool is the heft. A wrist saw or power miter would take care of some of the thick branches that this guy could only graze. It does have nice size leather handles for both hands that could work with the proper muscle behind them. If your out in the sticks a lot and need to clear paths this will do it well. For my application I chose a heavier Kbar with better steel. That will bend but will't snip off like this guy. If I were in the sand/desert or some heavy brush that had little to no branches and thick vegetation I'd take this guy over a shovel and probably go on to pimp it out with a saw and handle like a framing hatchet. A buddy had one he took camping and let me hold it. I wanted it for about 10 seconds until I felt like a bad break dancer and a leafy bonsai trying to hold it. My brother's mossbuster and 1/4's heavier will take care of branches from an oak or maple. My powered saw or the trimmers can take care of those branches. But the "other guys" will get beat up on. That being said it does seem like it is built to last. And for what this is intended to do and the use case I can see it being put to good use. The product is well made and as you see has been thought out to maximize its potential in the field. My take away: use it, not an edger and don't have a tractor if you can help it! I wouldn't buy this again but I wouldn't not buy it for the right person. If you are handy with a saw and some handles, put it to work with you!
A well designed backpacking/camping tool.
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Verified Buyer
I use this as a cutting tool for thinner materials such as vines, twigs and branches, etc. This would also be good as a weapon if needed, and also would work as a chopper/axe/machete tool, etc. Good for carving, too. Handle feels good in the hand. The pal of the handle feels very sturdy. Nice heft to it. Good balance. Not heavy, not too light. I don't use the spike on the back of the handle. Don't like those spikes sticking out on a knife/tool handle, just personal preference. I did modify the blade bevel angle. This makes the tool easier to sharpen.
Handy, Strong Tool
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Verified Buyer
First time I really had a chance to work with the Woodmans Pal in the field was during the devastating winter ice storm in the south. Many trees and limbs down across numerous acres of land in several directions from our home and this machete/sheath tool was really helpful. We also found it handy when cutting a tractor trailer load of fallen trees into firewood for use this past winter. Very handy to have on hand. The machete is strong and seems well made and the tool is secure in the sheath when in use. Really a nice purchase.
One of the Best, most durable hatchets I've owned! AWESOME!!
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Verified Buyer
These hatchets are not for normal "camp" hatchet uses, such as chopping small branches for kindling. They are well designed for the woodsman or those of us that are looking for a "hardcore, survival" type blade. They are VERY sharp and the edge retention is very good, for such a heavy chopper/hatchet. As for what they ARE good for, are pretty well equipped for splitting larger branches or cutting smaller trees, like 2" to 6" around. These are just the right tool to carry when the going gets really tough and your needs extend beyond a knife. My current blade lasted for years, but is so dull now that it's not usable, even as a brush axe. That being said, this will definitely not happen with the one I just bought. As always, a very fast shipping experience with the product I ordered!
Solid. High quality
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Verified Buyer
A good quality blade. Well worth the price. The coating will eventually come off, but it doesn't effect the quality of the blade in any way. I just like to sharpen it with a leather strop. Very handy.
Great tool
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Verified Buyer
This is a great tool. I've used it to clear out some brush and branches from my property. It's light weight and has a nice grip on it. The only downside was that the edge wasn't very sharp when I got it.
Great tool
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Verified Buyer
I have used this on everything from clearing trails to cutting small trees down and it works great. The blade is sharp out of the box but if you want to make it razor sharp you can put some time into sharpening it. It’s also made in America which is always nice to see.
Five Stars
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Verified Buyer
I love this thing!
Good quality
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Verified Buyer
This is my second one of these I have bought and they are very good. They are well made and hold up to abuse.
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