M1A2 Rifle Grenade Adapter with Inert Grenade

M1A2 Rifle Grenade Adapter

The M1A2 rifle grenade adapter is a reproduction of a World War II design that allows hand grenades to be fired as rifle grenades using a rifle grenade launcher. It works wonderfully and is fully capable of turning your subpar day into a spectacular day.
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Description / M1A2 Rifle Grenade Adapter

Our M1A2 rifle grenade adapter is a reproduction of a design that originated in WWII. Due to high demand for the piece, which is couple with a scarcity of original M1A2 rifle grenade adapters, we had these adapters specially manufactured for Keepshooting.com according to the original USGI drawings. As such, each adapter is made to the exact specifications as the original in order to ensure the highest possible quality. Additionally, in order to avoid having these resold as originals, all of our adapters are marked with “LOT KS” as opposed to the original “LOT UOD.”

Note: The M1A2 rifle grenade adapter is not intended for use with live ammunition or ordnance. Doing so could result in serious injury or death. Only use acceptable rifle grenade launching blank cartridges. All use is at the risk of the owner.

  • Authentic Reproduction of Original
  • Will Fit Any NATO Standard 22mm Grenade Launcher
  • Use a Tennis Ball for LOADS of FUN!

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Manufacturer United Defense LLC

Customer Reviews

Review by Jordan
Got a few for the yugo sks, perfect fit and price!
another great deal by keepshooting
this is a perfect replica !! I put it side by side with a unissued u.s.military m1a2 , and you cannot tell the difference, looks to be same quality, construction, and can be used just like the military version...look on YOUTUBE and see how much fun you can have with these m1a2's, some people use tennis balls because they are easier to find with the bright colors compared to a od green dummy grenade. and always use proper grenade launching blank round with crimped end a regular blank has the red end..don't forget to get your grenade sights here at keepshooting (they are cheap here at keepshooting). I have dealt with keepshooting for years and plan to deal for years to come...THANK YOU KEEPSHOOTING
Better than the picture
Review by TJ
It's solid and new.
My World War 2 Memoribilia collection
Review by Tom
Excellent quality, this is a very fine reproduction! I was able to purchase it without the grenade which cut the total cost down. Thanks!!!!
Great conversation piece
Review by Mark
Very cool and quite the conversation piece. It will fly if you want to launch it but I bought just as a display piece for my Yugo SKS. It fits very well in the launcher and looks real. Nice quality piece
Cool Reproduction Military Piece
Review by Matthew
This is very neat WWII reproduction and can really be used. I have only used it for display though. The only thing i don't like is it seemed a little high in price, but i still bought it and happy with it
Used with SKS
Review by 53GR
Bought one of these for use with my Yugo SKS (M59/66) and it works great!
I can't stress enough that you should use BLANKS when firing this thing. I know it goes without saying, but I've actually run into another gentleman who had one and was about to use live rounds with it at the range.
I sold him a box of blanks on the spot.
A Fun Toy Or Display Piece
Review by Rich
Neat little item that displays well and is fun to use with my HK-G3 or Yugo SKS. Using it with a tennis ball makes it easy to find and helps protect it from impact damage. Recommended accessory for any rifle with a NATO grenade launcher. Even more fun when you have a dog that will fetch. :)
super great price
Review by bartman
This adapter is so cool and durable, great and i will be buying another soon A+
Review by chris
lots of fun. suggest tack welding grenade in place and bright colored paint to enable easier finding. grenade tends to separate from launcher assembly upon impact. make sure you get the installation pliers and have a good set of allen wrenches handy; also thread locker. the fins will deform after some launches, but is all cosmetic. good value for the fun.
Perfect replication
Review by Dan
I ordered this for a collector piece for my M1 Garand. Looks exactly like the one that were used back in the day. It's a brand new reproduction so don't get the idea there is gonna be any wear marks or signs of usage. But if you want something just for the look of back then. This is it. I am glad I got it when I did. It's a great addition to my Garand.
Very fun
Review by Thomas
Everyone should have a few of these,.... they are so much fun to shoot ( use blanks ) or for a display.
Great product
Review by MARKW583
Extensive firing dose beat it up but that's expected. Tying a piece of surveyors tape to it makes it easier to find. Plan on buying more
great price
Review by Lance
first grenade adapter, can't wait to try it out have a MAS MLE 1949-56 7.5 cal.
Fantastic piece!!!
Review by NightStalker
I just got my first grenade launching cartridges, and can say this adapter flies 100x farther with real grenade cartridges than it does with 7.62x51 blanks. And with the 7.62x51 blanks it was already flying a good 100+ feet down range w/ a tennis ball in the adapter.

This is for shooters who have grown bored just poking holes in paper!

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