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The French Army Fire Resistant Shirt is a long sleeve shirt made from Aramid fibers for the French Army. Aramid is the generic name for any fiber that provides fire resistance with the most common example being Nomex. Soldiers in the French Army who work in and around motorized vehicle depots are issued these shirts as a base layer of protection from the possibility of a fire at their job site. Extreme sports, stuntment, and race car drivers have long utilized full suits made from Aramid fibers to offer protection from fire for decades. The use of Aramid protective clothing will give you an added layer of personal security no matter what environment or activity you are engaged in.

The French Army Fire Resistant Shirt is far more than just a long sleeve navy blue shirt. Made from Aramid fibers these shirts are designed to provide protection from fire to the soldier who is wearing it. Commonly issued to soldiers who work in armored vehicles to include tanks, these shirts serve as a base layer to protect soldiers from being burned should a fire break out in or around their vehicle. In addition to this protection from fire, these long sleeve shirts tend to keep you very warm as the Aramid fibers are quite dense and keep out the wind.

One of the most important aspects to picking any Aramid clothing is it should either be new or well maintained. Aramid fibers begin to lose their fire protective abilities when they become dirty. We made a great buy on these French Army Fire Resistant Shirts as they came to us brand new from France having never been issued to soldiers or worn by anyone. This means the protective abilities of each shirt are retained and factory fresh when the shirt comes to you. Equally important is the comfort factor of any Aramid clothing. If this shirt was uncomfortable to wear you wouldn't want to wear it while working and wouldn't be able to have protection from fire on your job site. That is not an issue with these shirts, they have a blending of Rayon with the Aramid to give the shirt a comfortable feel even when wearing for long periods of time.

  • Authentic French Army Shirt
  • Made from Aramid
  • Provides Fire Protection
  • Navy Blue Color
  • Factory New Condition
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