German Army Gun Cleaning Wick

The German Army Gun Cleaning Wick is a bundle of 8 wicks, each containing 16 strands of gun cleaning wicks. These gun cleaning wicks are used by the German Army to clean the barrels of all of their firearms, having decided they work better than the traditional patch. You can add additional strands to your cleaning rod to clean larger caliber firearms, or use fewer for your small caliber guns.

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  1. Authentic German Army Cleaning Wick
  2. 8 Wicks per Bundle
  3. 16 Strands per Wick
  4. Use Additional Strands for Bigger Calibers
  5. Made in Germany
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German Army Surplus
Overall Rating
Probably the best bulk cleaning material out there!
Review by Allen W
I bought a whole case of this stuff, & love it... I've given away dozens of zip-baggies of these bundles, usualy with one of those little AK type metal oil bottles, and they always go over big.
Overall Rating
Excellent Product
Review by Dale
Bought a bunch, can't beat the price for a useful item. Easy and convienent way to keep your guns clean. One item for multiple calibers of firearms, just find the proper amount of strands for each one. Better than patches.
Overall Rating
Unique Item
Review by Survivalism is Freedom
These unique firearm cleaning aids are much large than expected. Very different from what most of us are used to, and very useful.
Overall Rating
They work
Review by ben
The main issue is figuring out how many strands to use for different calibers
Overall Rating
Unique way of swabbing your bore.
Review by Dan R
Saw these for the first time and thought I had to try em. The Germans seem to always get it right. They do penetrate the grooves of a barrel quite well. If you have multiple calibers you have to take a little time to determine how many strands to use. But they work. And you can use them to clean other hard to reach places too. My brother in law was here when they delivered them. He was impressed, he left with a couple packs.
Overall Rating
Figured I'd try them at this price
Review by Dave
Can't be the price so I ordered a bunch of them - lifetime supply I'm sure. Tried them out on an old Remington 8 and they seemed to work nice. Just keep adding strands until its a snug fit. Can't tell if they clean better than patches but they do seem to and they are a lot cheaper. Add some to your next order and I don't think you'll be disappointed...if they're not for you, give them to a buddy.
Overall Rating
Something new to try.
Review by Duane
I picked up 20 bundles of these wicks and I'm very happy with the quality of the product. I will be cleaning my AK47 tomorrow and will use them for that job.
Overall Rating
Bought a bunch
Review by Fox
I loaded up on these because I've heard the description is true - they do a better job than patches. I've never used them but I just purchased a bulk load that will last me forever. I shoot a few times a year and I should be good on cleaning barrels until I'm dead.
Overall Rating
Great stocking stuffers
Review by April
I have used these for years and they really do a good job of cleaning, I like them better than a bore patch and you can't beat the price....

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