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The German SS Pocket Knife is a reproduction German knife from World War II. This knife would have been issued in massive numbers to soldiers in the SS as part of their induction ceremony. With original SS pocket knives costing hundreds of dollars, this reproduction can be used to give both the look and feel of an original SS pocket knife without the cost. Perfect for living history events or displays where an original pocket knife wouldn't be necessary.

The German Army in World War II produced a significant number of blades that were issued to soldiers in the German army. Many individual units or groups in the army had their own specific blades produced for both enlisted soldiers and officers. Out of all of the specialized knives created, the SS had the highest number and variety of specialized blades produced. Perhaps the most common SS knife is this German SS Pocket Knife, which is a faithful reproduction of the original.

With original military issued knives from World War II now commanding hundreds of dollars for simple pocket knives, there is a clear need for quality reproduction knives from this time period. We found this German SS Pocket Knife to be a great reproduction of the original and were happy to be able to offer it to our customers are a great price. If you participate in any German World War II living history events, this SS Pocket Knife is ideal as it can be used in the field without fear of damaging an original. With this pocket knife you can show what an SS Soldier would be carrying while in the field with the look and feel being historically accurate.

  • Reproduction Knife Based on Original SS Pocket Knife
  • One Blade, Two Tool Blades
  • Brass Handle
  • Swastika and SS Runes on Both Sides
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