M14 M1A Flash Hider Removal Tool

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The M14 Flash Hider Removal Tool is a set of castle nut pliers specifically designed for removing the flash hider from an M14 rifle. This tool has been produced to military specifications including heat treatment to provide the necessary strength to tighten and loosen the castle nut. These tools can be reused many times and are properly marked with the US part number and designation.

Once you purchase your first M14 style rifle, you will quickly want to customize it to look as close to the original military issue M14 as possible. Often the only thing that needs to be changed is the flash hider needs to be replaced with one that incorporates a bayonet lug. This tool will greatly simply the task of removing the flash hider from your M1A as it is the tool that was designed by the military for this task.

  • Military Spec M14 Castle Nut Pliers
  • Non-Slip Rubber Handle Cover
  • Marked "WRENCH - 7790493 / RIFLE M14"
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