MACE Magnum-4 Pepper Gel Spray

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The MACE Magnum-4 Pepper Gel Spray is designed as a distance defensive spray by MACE. Inside each canister is the 10% Pepper Gel formula that is exclusive to MACE and highly effective at stopping threats.

The MACE Magnum-4 Pepper Gel Spray combines the proven stopping power of MACE brand Pepper Gel with a long distance delivery of up to 18 feet. You will be ready for any challenge that comes you way when equipped with the MAGNUM-4. Stay a safe distance for deployment and the Pepper Gel will ensure that once you hit your target the chemical formula stays on the threat for maximum stopping power.

  • MACE Pepper Gel
  • Magnum-4 - Distance Defense Spray
  • Number of Bursts: 15 to 25
  • Range: Up to 18 Feet
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