MACE Magnum-4 Pepper Gel Spray

The MACE Magnum-4 Pepper Gel Spray is designed as a distance defensive spray by MACE. Inside each canister is the 10% Pepper Gel formula that is exclusive to MACE and highly effective at stopping threats.

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The MACE Magnum-4 Pepper Gel Spray combines the proven stopping power of MACE brand Pepper Gel with a long distance delivery of up to 18 feet. You will be ready for any challenge that comes you way when equipped with the MAGNUM-4. Stay a safe distance for deployment and the Pepper Gel will ensure that once you hit your target the chemical formula stays on the threat for maximum stopping power.

  • MACE Pepper Gel
  • Magnum-4 - Distance Defense Spray
  • Number of Bursts: 15 to 25
  • Range: Up to 18 Feet
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Overall Rating
Good buy
Review by Keepshooting Customer
I got this for a nice self defense option. Haven't used it yet but happy with purchase.
Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!
Review by Keepshooting Customer
This is my second can of Mace Gel, and it is great. I got a blue LED flashlight that I shine in dark areas and it illuminates the gel so you can see exactly where you are spraying. I haven't had to use it on anyone yet, but I am confident that it will work. I will never buy the ones without it. The Mace Police Strong contains Mace's gel formula that is proven to work, which most of the other cans do not. There is no wimpy foam that you need to spray 10 times and hope it works. Just one shot of gel in this gel formula should be enough to deter any potential attacker. I have a small leather holster that attaches to my belt and the can fits in it very well.
Overall Rating
4 Stars for potential.
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Just got this, tested in the backyard with 5 burst on fresh strawberries. The effects on the strawberries was immediate and intense. One 5 second blast completely destroyed all strawberries in the immediate area, as well as staining everything for several yards. However, in terms of protecting yourself, it's not that great of a deterrent. The area effect from the blowback of a direct spray, not only wastes gel but is very poorly delivered, leaving a poor spray pattern, poorer still on any vertical surfaces (which would seem like the best targets). As it was in direct sunlight when I tested, it didn't take much at all to make me cough, run water in my eyes. In any way, I still feel safer with this and that it is better than nothing, especially in emergency situations where adrenaline is pumping. My major gripe is that they made it a continuous stream, which wastes gel, can blow-back in the wrong direction and is much harder to aim and keep accurate than a click button, so that can potentially cause serious burns if gel spray blows-back in the eyes of an attacker. I believe the a button would still be easily activated and yet save some gel and keep gel going only when needed.
Overall Rating
I hope I never have to use it. The small tube fits in my jacket pocket easily.
Review by Keepshooting Customer
This arrived very quickly, thank you. I can not test the mace because it is illegal to do so in my State. It does come with the same warning label as when purchasing ammunition for firearms from retailers in my State.
Overall Rating
works good as dose others I own from
Review by Keepshooting Customer
works good as dose others I own from another company , and is a larger can. this 1 I bought for our elderly neighbor as the can I gave her last time to use was used on our street rd homeless folks which is on her route to go groc shopping, yes these poor soul have to walk from downtown areas to shopping areas where she lives so there is very little sidewalks on the busy street to do so. I'm thinking moving to the other side of town, but she will still need protection, which I gave her one of the larger sizes that I use as a extra one to keep in car. she likes these ones better and that way if someone wants money, they will have a reaction of burning eyes, choking on breathing in these puff balls of burning caps in to her pepper sprays can and then having it activate , that will get a attention on her for an xtra back up of protection in an emergency! we live near a lot if unfamilier folk in area as they also roam the area. thank you all of these makers of these great protective punch balls, love you people as you do a great job! thank all you workers in USA! as we need more jobs and USA should stay in first, thank you President for all that is going on with trying to get country on a right footing! pray for success thank you JM of Florida
Overall Rating
Really works well and not messy
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Bought one for my girlfriend and I to carry for our safety while out walking in a neighborhood that's going down hill and people do drugs around here so yeah, this stuff works really well and is non messy, unlike some spray bottles. We both love it and we haven't had to use it but I do like the safety aspect of it in the end, if you do have to use it, you know it will stop the threat in front of you and be sure that they will not be able to chase you afterward, which I've heard a story or two from a guy who was followed after he had to use it. I'm still not 100% sure about this company because of the videos I've seen, that they make, on the Youtube of how to effectively test it out, by pepper gasing parts of a football field or drive way but that's my personal opinion and doesn't really effect how the product is as it stands. Just use the right sense of how to use this. Also we don't live in bad neighborhood, but we are more of an urban city folk, more safe and less "gangbanger like", just thought it'd be nice to mention that for reference
Overall Rating
mace brand, tested by many. this works.
Review by Keepshooting Customer
If I'm not mistaken this item, has passed all the standardized spray tests by all the relevant departments. in short, this stuff does what it's supposed to. some other cans of gel fail due to their gel consistency in wind. while it doesn't have a direct blowback effect, it still can be affected. this item though, doesn't have this kind of problem. even though I hope to never have to test this item, for peace of mind, you get what you pay for, this one, will do the job and the size of the canister will make you feel better knowing you've got enough spray. Also. I know many people don't believe, but keep in mind that most departments standard issue is also mace.
Overall Rating
Seems sturdy enough.
Review by Keepshooting Customer
This item was just as described. Arrived fast and is very compact for carrying. Seems to be in working order. It's a good idea to take a video test run with it to see how well it works before needing to use it.
Overall Rating
The 32oz has better reach. It shoots further and faster than the 16oz can
Review by Keepshooting Customer
For personal protection you can't go wrong with pepper spray or a stun gun. If you are out at night or going to and from work it can be a life saver, but I don't recommend going to someone's home and brandishing a can of pepper spray against someone that knows how to defend themselves. They can probably easily disable you. For defense I recommend having a small 2 1/2" ASP expandable collapsible baton. It is easier to control and carry around and has a higher ratio between hitting your target and injuring yourself. But you don't want to take that out every day, so a little something to defend yourself at a further distance is great for going to work or for walking around at night in case someone decides to do you wrong. I don't know if you are reading this in California, but for us here in California we cannot use pepper spray or even OC (officer incapacitating) spray in self defense against humans. The reasoning is that humans are not as easy to train a dog against as some rodents are. However we can still use a baton, a pistol, a shotgun, a machete, a ax, a dagger, an handgun, etc... Pepper spray isn't legal to use against a person, or human based creatures. If you live in California you might want to read that last sentence again. I know, I know it sucks, doesn't it?
Overall Rating
Well worth the investment
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Love it! Worth the purchase. Very happy
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