MACE Take Down OC 5.5 Stream

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The MACE Take Down OC 5.5 Stream is a potent and effective defensive spray made by MACE. The formula inside is a 5.5% OC pepper spray which produces an incredible amount of stopping power to defeat any threat.

The MACE Take Down OC 5.5 Stream packs a huge punch in a small profile. Inside the 5.5% OC Pepper Spray formula contains .36% Capsaicinoids which is a strong and reliable formulation. With the stream pattern produced by this unit it is easy to cover a large threat and you will have a total of up to 20 bursts with a range of 12 feet to ensure you are kept at a safe distance.

  • OC 5.5% Pepper Spray Formula - Super Potent
  • Made by MACE - Proven Globally
  • Number of Bursts: Up to 20
  • Range: Up to 12 Feet
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