Mace TakeDown Extreme OC Pepper Gel MK-IX

The Mace TakeDown Extreme OC Pepper Gel MK-IX from MACE is a powerful and effective OC pepper gel canister. The contents of this canister are in a gel formulation that outperforms conventional pepper sprays. This superior performance comes from the gel sticking on contact when it hits its target which also dramatically reduces the chances of cross contamination. Pepper gels are perfect for use indoors where you do not want to spray traditional pepper spray and have it impact innocent bystanders or an entire area.

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The Mace TakeDown Extreme OC Pepper Gel MK-IX is the next generation of chemical defensive technology. While the exterior of this canister looks like a traditional pepper spray fogger, it does not contain pepper spray it contains pepper gel. The difference in effectiveness between pepper spray and pepper gel is enormous with pepper gel being far more effective in stopping a violent attacker immediately. When you need to stop an attacker immediately with the most powerful non-lethal solution choose the Mace TakeDown Extreme OC Pepper Gel MK-IX.

  • Contains MACE International's 1.4% Capasicinoids Formula in a Gel
  • Extreme Stopping Power - Sticks on Contact
  • Made in the USA by MACE Security International
  • Range: 25 Feet
  • Bursts: Up to 7
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Overall Rating
Hope I never have to use it
Review by Keepshooting Customer
My coworker has a roommate that I can't stand. I've tried to break the ice, but no success. Whenever he comes near me, it makes me feel very uncomfortable. I would rather he be at a good distance from me. Hope this works. He has done bad things, such as smash food with a hammer and has said he wants to kill a bunch of white people. He also made the security guard call the police on me. So this should do some serious work. Thank you. If he comes near me one more time, I will make him sorry he ever lived. I'm gonna get it. Then you'll know it was serious, for I did not use this against the boss, even when I found him sleeping with my girlfriend.
Overall Rating
Just the best ever. I had an issue with my daughter's attack ...
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Works just the best ever, not just that it is great but it is good to know you have a very powerful self-protection item with your on.
Overall Rating
Defensive tool
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Perfect for your vehicle and your self defense plan. A can and short easy to use strap allows easy and accurate use in the case of any incident.
Overall Rating
Very Painful, Adequate Distance
Review by Keepshooting Customer
My wife purchased this after a particularly frightening attack by our next door neighbor's out of control dogs, after police officer, sheriff and constable and even animal control visited the scene but failed to make him secure the situation. She feels more secure with this gel spray. The spray nozzle, trigger and case are quite good, although a test firing with it, although very painful (so my wife claims), the distance was disappointing and did not cover the front or side yards. So if this is to be effective, one must make contact to the face or other body parts to do any good, my first impression. There are more sprays available that are rated to be more powerful but at a higher cost. I will continue to test this to evaluate the consistency of the spray. I believe that this gel can deter as well as wound so we are hopeful that it is effective enough for our neighborhood which does have an abundance of loose aggressive and sometimes dangerous domesticated dogs, cats and wildlife. For a spray to have an effective distance to secure the attacking animal, it needs to shoot at a slightly downward angle to hit a target. It is my belief, that this is easily tested by a very aggressive family dog in the driveway or front lawn, just see how well it works. In all cases the results may depend on the condition of the wind and temperature as well as the nature of the aggressor, in other words if it is drugged, under the influence, drunk, high etc., this could reduce the efficacy of the weapon. We do feel better with the item but will continue to make adjustments. I hope that you get the opportunity to read this, and make your assessment. Best regards
Overall Rating
Worth the price.
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Not used as of yet. Haven't been mugged yet either! Appears to be sturdy construction and I have faith in Mace products.
Overall Rating
Better to have and not need
Review by Keepshooting Customer
This spray is easy to use and carries quite a distance!
Overall Rating
Not expirred yet
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Haven't had to use it yet, thankfully. However, looking at the date, and expiry date. It doesn't seem to be old, or at all expired.
Overall Rating
The unit is powerful and effective. However the form factor of ...
Review by Keepshooting Customer
The unit is powerful and effective. However the form factor of the gel container has no clear instructions or even visual indication of how to discharge the container, other than it requires the pin at the bottom to be pressed in to release. I would hope there is clear verbiage on the unit that shows you the proper usage of it. It would be beneficial if a bright color or sticker was placed on it that had instructions. For anyone who is unfamiliar with this and does not have any verbiage on it to refer to (as I do not have mine yet), they would likely pull the pin, try to shake it like they are supposed to and not know they must apply direct pressure to discharge it, just as I did.
Overall Rating
Quality spray
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Well worth the price! Great for personal protection
Overall Rating
Mace Pepper Gel self defense spray.
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Mace Pepper Gel gives you an effective self defense tool to repel attackers.
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